Teen Movie “School Spirits” released on digital platforms by a huge turn out of celebrities

Teen Movie “School Spirits” released on digital platforms by a huge turn out of celebrities

October 9th, 2017 – Los Angeles – Friday night, celebrities, teen influencers, youtube personalities, and movie enthusiasts all gathered at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills for the theatrical premiere of the upcoming teen-flick, School Spirits!

School Spirits premiere

The incredible event brought together an amazing collection of both teen stars from film and tv as well as social media sensations. Truly the youngest and most influential crowd to ever fill the four hundred seat theater in Beverly Hills.

The cast attendance included: Christian Delgrosso (Youtube Star), Tiffany Alvord (Youtube Star), Teala Dunn (Are We There Yet?), Audrey Whitby (The Thundermans), Steve Monroe (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Josh Levi (Singer), Mark Bloom (Silicon Valley), Philip Labes (K.C. Undercover), CJ Leblanc (Arsenal), and Mia Hullen (Chicago Fire).

At the same time as the cast, filmmakers and guests were enjoying the film on the big screen, members of the public, including the casts’ millions of social media fans, were given their first chance to see the movie themselves on digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

School Spirits marks the first film by MORE Productions created specifically for this exciting new market, and Producers Steve Sirkis and Enrico Natale were thrilled with the event. “We couldn’t be more proud of our cast and crew whose incredible talents made this film so amazing” said Sirkis. With Natale adding: “I’m excited for our star’s fan base to see just truly how great each and every one of them are in this film!”

Guy Griffithe, one of the film’s Executive Producers, said: “I’m extremely excited and proud of the outcome of the premiere for School Spirits. This goes to show the power that can be created by combining a great movie with the influence of social media stars. This is why we felt the need to be a part of this movement – making quality films with a great cast for the digital market.”

School Spirits is about new girl Zoey (Tiffany Alvord), who discovers that the small town she now calls home is hiding a few big secrets when she witnesses teen duo Morgan (Teala Dunn) and Tara (Piper Curda) hunting ghosts in the local high school. Resolved to put her past behind her and find real friendships, Zoey rounds out the trio as they prepare to fight a paranormal menace named Canaldi (Alysia Reiner) who’s just blown into town with her creepy carnival.

Other celebrity attendees included: Eva Gutowski (Youtube Star), Kira Kosarin (The Thundermans), Joey Bragg (Liv and Maddie), Nia Sioux (Dance Moms), Brec Bassinger (Bella and the Bulldogs), Holly Frazier (Dance Moms), Sierra Furtado (Influencer), Hayden Summerall (Singer), Annie LeBlanc (We Are Savvy), Tristan Tales (Youtube Star), Glozell (Youtube Personality), Denzel Dion (Instagram influencer), Manolo Vergara (Actor), Emily Skinner (Andi Mack), Sam Tsui (Singer), Casey Breves (Singer), Aiden Gallagher (Nicky, Dicky, Ricky, and Dawn), Victoria Moroles (Influencer), Shannon K (Singer),

Molly Jackson (Andi Mack), Dylan Summerall (Influencer), Vanessa and Veronica Merrell (Youtube Stars), Bryce Xavier (Actor), Alex Terranova (Model), Jessie Paege (Influencer), Ryan Ochoa (Disney Channel, A Pair of Kings), Shelby Wulfert (Liv and Maddie), Ava Cantrell (Lights Out), Camille Hyde (American Vandal), Madeline Whitby (Betch), Talon Reid (DJ), Aiden Miner (School of Rock), Mikalah Styles (Model), Lela Brown (Radio Disney), Killia Marynska (Model) , Vicellous Shannon (The Recall), Julian Jara and Jovani Jara (Influencers), Celeste Thorson (A Kid Called Mayonnaise), Chloe Noelle (True Blood), and Katherine Castro (Reinbou). Investors Invico Capital, Guy Griffithe, and Sensory Overload Music were in attendance as well.

Following the screening, guests were invited to The District by Hannah An for an incredible reception hosted by Bridgegate Pictures. The celebration was a joyous occasion with hugs and amazing food including Hannah An’s famous noodles.

School Spirits is available now to buy or rent on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu. The film will be available on Dish Network, Playstation Network (PSN), Xfinity, and the Xbox platform later this year.

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