Talented & Inspiring upcoming gospel artist Keisha Dreams

Talented & Inspiring upcoming gospel artist Keisha Dreams

Keisha Dreams is an upcoming gospel artist that is signed to Exodus Swift’s ‘Team God Entertainment. We asked Exodus Swift what prompted him to sign her. His answer was

“I’ve always looked for new talent. I’ve always searched social media and YouTube trying to find that one. That one that is worth the investment of my time. The one that I don’t just believe will be great, but I know is great. She has the voice, the talent, the swag. All the components that are required to be that one. She has it in her. And all I can say is, the world need to get ready. Because Keisha Dreams is definitely coming.”

And after listening to some of Keisha Dreams music, I have to agree with Exodus. I see Keisha Dreams going on to do great things in her career. Major thumbs up to Keisha Dreams.

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