Stylish, Thinnest and Useful Smartwatch ‘Shaper by NOWA’

Stylish, Thinnest and Useful Smartwatch ‘Shaper by NOWA’

I really love classic style wrist watches. I have around 30 watches in my collection and majority of them are classic or unique style. But the one that I came across recently online has impressed me so much. Although it looks classic in style but very decent and graceful. And its not an ordinary watch, its hybrid smartwatch. This watch ‘Shaper‘ is designed by NOWA who are in process of bringing it to the market soon.

Although the design looks very simple and classic with analogue face but the hidden qualities of this watch will impress you. It connects to your smartphone for automatic time zone changing means wherever you go you don’t need to setup the time manually as the watch will take care of the timezone itself.

That’s not all folks, it also keeps record of your activity and sleep tracking. The NOWA watch tracks and records your activity including steps, distance and calories burned. And also sleep quality for a healthier lifestyle. Results are recorded and displayed in a simple, useful calendar for goal tracking. Means it can be your best partner in keeping you fit and healthy. Your fitness data will be automatically recorded in your fitness secured cloud: Apple Health or Google Fit. So this smart watch is classic, smart and useful then plenty of other. The best thing is its design. I haven’t come across any smartwatch with such simple face.

They are in process of launching this design and currently have campaign on Kick-starter. 453 have backed the project until now and we need to back this amazing project as much as possible. I am going for it there are plenty of options in backing up you can back according to your requirements and budget. But you must take part to help such amazing watch launch and backup Shaper by Nowa.


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