Stylish & graceful handmade jewelry by Benittamoko

Stylish & graceful handmade jewelry by Benittamoko

A women is incomplete without wearing proper ornaments. There are so many jewelry, accessories and other wearable items in the market to add more colors to your personality. But I always suggest to wear something that’s different, unique and attractive. Particularity I am a big fan of handmade products. I recently came across an online jewelry store by ‘Benittamoko’. Their collection is impressive and got all the qualities we like to have in the jewelry.

Benittamoko offers variety of handmade jewelry that includes hoops, ear climbers, studs, body jewelry: piercings, nose rings, septum rings, conch piercings, cartilage earrings, helix earrings; fake jewelry: ear cuffs, fake nose rings, fake septum rings and more. Each and every item has been given a proper attention. There is a kind of grace and uniqueness in each item. Whether its a necklace, body jewelry or fake jewelry, each product has its own style and crafted with care.

Benittamoko jewelry fake conch cuff

Particularly their variety in body jewelry is eye catching. nose rings and earrings made from different material and designs are available. Some of these have some symbolic and interesting designs. Ear Climber earrings in particular will definitely grab your attentions. Apart from that they got some cool designs in Stud Earring as well in their collection. They haven’t compromised on quality, that’s a big plus. Prices are reasonable too.

Benittamoko jewelry lip piercing

There is no doubt these handmade jewelry and accessories by Benittamoko are made with such sophistication that you will fall in love these. They look so adorable with any kind of dress you wear. Particularly their earrings will suit perfectly with any hair style and dress. Going through all the designs it was a tough ask selecting a single one to purchase. I am sure you will love their jewelry collection as well and end up buying for yourself or to gift to your loved one.

Benittamoko jewelry bar earrings

So whether you are looking to buy something for your own collection of want to buy something to gift to your friends and love ones Benittamoko is the best choice. You can  shop anything from their collection of artistically handcrafted jewelry. Going through their jewelry I tried to take out a few to recommend here to my readers but I was unable to decide. Each and every item in this handmade collection catches your attention, its hard to pick one.  But to give you an example of their collection I have taken out a few to feature here on my blog.

Benittamoko gold line earring

To see the complete collection you can visit the Benittamoko Store

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