Star of ‘So, What Happened To Me Yesterday’ Japan’s Own Obie Sho

Star of ‘So, What Happened To Me Yesterday’ Japan’s Own Obie Sho


We saw the Japanese actor, Obie Sho in a couple of films the other day. One was So, What Happened To Me Yesterday and the other one was The Secrets of Sunflower.  Both were interesting movies and they were great showcases for Obie’s immense acting talents. The Secrets of Sunflower let us see that Obie can play understated roles and inject them with a strong inner character. His voice was soothing and yet conveyed the character’s concern about his life’s meaning and purpose.

So, What Happened To Me Yesterday, on the other hand, allowed Obie to display his character’s emotions in a more visceral and physical manner. Obie’s character was apparently in an ante-room waiting for his turn at an acting audition. There was another young man in the same room for the same reason who was annoying Obie with too many questions and nervous rambling. Not to give out any spoilers but obie did very well with this character and his reactions to the annoying guy were right on the money.

Obie has been a professional actor for the last few years and has established himself as a substantial actor who is dependable, talented and completely believable in his roles. He can play any part he is given and he has done countless stage plays, TV shows, commercials and films. He has even appeared on America’s Got Talent. He was part of Team Hara and Obie can be seen in clips on Youtube performing with Hara The Illusionist, and on the actual episode of AGT.


Obie was born in Tokyo, Japan but was raised on the emerald green Japanese island o fYakushima. Obie loves his island paradise and feels he is one of the luckiest people on Earth having had the opportunity to live on that beautiful and very small island of only 13,000 inhabitants. He also feels pretty lucky to be able to work as an actor and have his dreams come true. He works both in Hollywood, where a lot of his film work is, and in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he works on Team Hara, attends acting workshops and also performs in films. His personal projects get a lot of attention also. His one-man show that Obie wrote, is in development and it will be presented in the next year. Can’t wait to see that!

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