Global Casting Director Soonyoung Han

Global Casting Director Soonyoung Han


Soonyoung Han has been a casting director for a while now and she is very well established as the person who can deliver the talent whenever it is needed. She has cast countless TV shows, commercials, movies and many of her personal model picks have fronted for world-renowned brand names or graced the covers of international fashion magazines.

She started out in her native Korea as a model booker and within a few short years, burst on the international scene as the global casting director for legendary agency Envy Artists Group. She must have known where she was headed because she was smart enough to move to Dublin, Ireland for three years to study English at the international language school, UCD. Her second language finally came in handy when she started working with U.S. and UK producers and creative agencies and talking to them directly without an interpreter.

Soonyoung has worked with many international celebrities and artists along with dealing with multi-national corporations and advertising companies. She has helped cast countless TV shows and movies and still works with world-famous models whose faces and names are known all over the planet.

Soonyoung loves what she does and apparently, the people she has worked with over the years lover right back because they keep hiring her to supply them with the right talent to match their show or magazine theme. Soonyoung has experience and a sixth sense about casting – it seems to come naturally to her because she always gets it right.

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