STAJE talks about his recent track ‘Keisha’

STAJE talks about his recent track ‘Keisha’

Here is our interview with STAJE, a recording artist and muti-faceted entertainer.

STAJE Keisha

Pro Media Mag: How would you introduce yourself in one line?
I’m reserved when I need to be but full of life at all times!

Pro Media Mag: What brought your into music
: Ever since I was a kid I was always involved in music. Mostly every kid in my city had to sing in the choir. As I got older I started shower singing and singing for my mom. After high school I started writing a lot of poetry. Realized I was pretty good at writing. Turned my writing into storytelling which ultimately lead me into being a writer. I waited my turn to start doing my own music. I feel that moment is now.

Pro Media Mag: Listen to your track “Keisha” It’s amazing, what made you write that track?
Ahhhh! First off thank Taylor Maid Production for the track! He gave me this vibe after one of my other studio sessions with him. Truly an amazing talent! The story behind Keisha is actually with a friend of mine. I’ll leave him anonymous but long story short one day he brought this girl to our studio session. She was dope but you could tell she was out there. Well after our session was over we all went out to eat. Got to know her a little more during that time. Since she drank someone had to take her home. Obviously it would be my friend since he brought the girl but she actually stayed near me. I took her home and she invited me in because I had to use the restroom. One thing led to another and next thing I know our clothes are off! Fortunately nothing ended up happening because it just didn’t fit! Literally.

Pro Media Mag: Lyrics, vocals, composition or production, what’s the most important ingredient? Can you put them in the most important order?
I would say definitely the combination is all those things! If I had to order it it would be 1. Production 2. Vocals 3. Composition 4. Lyrics

Pro Media Mag: You love to be a part of this music industry?
I just love to create music. There’s a lot of things I have yet to see in this industry. The stories are endless though. I just keep my head down and toes to the ground when it comes to music. Some people will relate but most want. That’s the nature of this game man.

Pro Media Mag: Do you sing in the shower too? What songs?
I do! Funny thing is I usually create compositions in the showers. I beatbox a lot! Just to find melodies and a vibe that I like.

Pro Media Mag: You loved working as an independent artist or you would prefer working with a label?
I love making what I like to make. Obviously in today’s game independent is the way to go. I’m not afraid and never been afraid of remaining independent! I worked my a** off to get here. I’m just enjoying the process.

Pro Media Mag: If anyone wants to stay in touch with you, what’s the best way?
I respond to all my DMs on IG. Stajeofficial

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