Software Outsourcing to Poland

Poland as a country is located in central and Eastern Europe. It is ranked 6th as the country with the largest economy. It is also a member of the European Union and has approximately a population of 38 million people.  Being a European Union member, Poland can enjoy and acquire funds to boost their economy, eradicate unemployment and improve infrastructure. Poland is strategically located in the heart of Europe, so it is easy to access and this reduces the time consumed when on business trips. The geographical location is a major why organizations consider outsourcing to Poland.

With such economic stability Poland becomes an excellent destination for software outsourcing. Software outsourcing to Poland has it is advantages when a company outsources their software solutions to Poland they get to cut a lot on the cost incurred in matters related to software. Also, soft wares keep on changing from time to time so when you outsource as a company you do not have to worry about the change as the company you have outsourced to will deal with that. Outsourcing also enables the company to reduce risks and facilitates business processes. Why should companies and organizations consider outsourcing to Poland?

Poland has a very stable and robust growing economy. It is mostly made possible by its presence in the European Union as a member. With such a stable economy it is easier for Poland to attract investors and companies to outsource their soft wares. In 2012 for instance, Poland was ranked seventh regarding attracting investors. Also, Poland GDP growth per capita increased almost seven times between the years 1990 and 2015. Such an economy will attract companies to outsource their software solutions to Poland. ICT bigwig such as Samsung, Microsoft, and Google have their R&D centers in Poland. Their presence in Poland employs about 50,000 professional software developers.

Poland has a very skilled workforce regarding software development and also everything related to software. Over the years Poland has won several programming contests. They are ranked 3rd in programming contests. With a skilled labor force, Poland becomes the hotbed destination when it comes to software outsourcing. The skilled labor is vast with software knowledge which includes development, creation and fixing in case of any technical problems.

It has numerous universities which in my regard is a perfect reason for any company to outsource to Poland. In the universities many students take IT-related courses, the number of students who major and graduate in IT related courses is estimated to 80,000. It means that there is a skilled and talented pool of IT professionals in Poland. Freshly graduated IT students acquire meager salaries, thus lowering the cost of outsourcing to Poland.

Software developers in Poland are well vast with the English language. They speak fluent English, a reason that interest companies that want to outsource. It will be easy for communication to occur between the two interested parties. If software developers in Poland do not speak English with optimum fluency, then it would be tough for communication to occur between the two parties. A company needs to know and ensure that their demands and requirements before outsourcing are understood.

The relatively small time zone between Poland and European countries is another reason to consider when software outsourcing to Poland. The small time difference allows business processes and communications, which includes sending emails and video conferencing to occur during the day. A massive time difference will make business processes and communication impossible because the client will be asleep during business hours and vice versa.

As earlier said the presence of Poland among European Union members has led to the development of infrastructure, more so it has an excellent digital infrastructure. It means that there is good internet access in Poland, almost 72% of the Poland population have access to the superb internet with better connections compared to Poland competitors. With a good internet, connection communication cannot be interrupted due to slow connections.

Poland is a member of many global organization. The most common and most spoken of is EU, It is also a member of UN, WTO, Madrid Protocol and so many other organizations it is effortless to outsource to Poland since data can be quickly and freely transferred between the EU countries.

Poland offers competitive pricing when it comes to software development. Competitive pricing does not necessarily mean low prices, but it means that they offer better rates and prices compared to their competitors around the globe. Poland software developers acquire a salary of 12,305 to 45,466 dollars per year, While US software developers earn about 48542-102,337 dollars per year. The low income for Poland is a major attraction for companies to outsource to Poland since the cost of outsourcing will be effective.

It is evident that Poland is an excellent location for any outsourcing activities. It is advisable for any organization to consider and evaluate the factors that are important to their business. We will recommend you to check out these top PEO companies in 2019.




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