Smite Review

Smite Review

smite review

The most interesting thing about the game is that it features mythological creatures from seven different religions, and when we play the game, the detailing of the characters is so strong that we feel we are exploring the corresponding religions. Hercules, Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Kali are characters larger than life – as they are shown as demi-gods with super powers – and it is really fun to pick and play these characters. The number of gods available in the game for play is 51.

Transformation in Mechanics

Unlike previous fighting games, there is a complete transformation of mechanics in Smite. In the other fighting games, you might have seen the camera above the character; but in Smite, the camera is placed down behind the characters, and this really transforms the action of the game. The way you see things is completely changed.

Third Person Perspective

Third person perspective in the game hasn’t only altered the way you look around yourself, but it has also made the game much more challenging and difficult. The provided map awareness in many games makes it easier for players to locate their enemies as well as other items. But when there is no such thing as map awareness, you will find it challenging to move forward. Besides, when you don’t have maps, you encounter different challenges on the way – since you have to move on your own one way or the other – and that helps you to earn more and more points. The list can be used to find the best Gods.

Traditional Elements in the Game

Despite being the game with many new features, Smite also has many traditional elements in it. The game features different towers that you are supposed to destroy. It also features jungles with monsters which you are supposed to slain. However, unlike traditional games where you fight some ancient monsters, in Smite, you have to fight with Phoenix or Guardians.


The range of matches available in the game is diverse. Sometimes, you will have to play a match with all the gods of one religion in one group, while all the gods of a second religion in the other group. For instance, it can be Greek VS Norse etc. Other matches are known as matches of beards, and if you are looking for chaotic matches, these are perfect for you. Apart from chaos, these matches also offer some humorous relief. The T-shirt for this game can be taken from Forward.

Voice Guided System

The voice guiding system of the Smite is something that’s really new as well as unique. All you have to do is put different keyboard commands instead of voice chat, and your message will be sent to your team members. It is also very helpful when your teammates use the same voice guided system to address you.

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