Slim Minimalist Wallet by Kisetsu.Co – Slim Your  Wallet in Style

Slim Minimalist Wallet by Kisetsu.Co – Slim Your Wallet in Style

Carrying slim wallet for men can be considered a way of life alters the style of guys that are accustomed to carrying about all the things. Slim leather wallets are about simplicity and freedom. Having a slim leather wallet, easily drop in to the breast pocket of a coat or jacket instead of the pants pocket. With slim leather billfolds for men you carry only what’s required, making life much easier.

haru slim wallet

One would easily find the sort of wallet that suits their own personality, as many are connected with stylish wallets which you can find in the marketing. The most acknowledged and regularly chosen wallets are bi-fold wallets and slim wallet (designed with 2 separate compartments). They are quite comfortable to help keep cash, coins and cards separately. Those who want to keep their crucial data separately within the same wallet together with cash and cards can choose tri-fold wallets (three different compartments), in which they would be able to keep their data in a separate compartment.

With that, Kisetsu.Co latest wallet, Aki Wallet, which stands for autumn (in Japanese) is the ultimate slim Bifold wallet. The wallet is constructed carefully, most of all to maximize functionality. There is no traditional coin compartment, however, you will find an anti-slip compartment instead. To avoid using extra layers of leather, it is replaced by means of an elastic band for cash instead of having a cash compartment. It is important to conceal quick-access card slot for your most used card especially for regular travelers, Aki also spots a hidden sim-card space, a travel pen and full RFID protection.

aki vs fat wallet

Aki has an innovative take on storage ideas that will modernize bi-fold wallets. The team behind Kisetsu.Co have always focuses on developing a slim bi-fold wallet that is spectacular yet effective in performance. Determined commitment towards the endless search of product revolution for your everyday carry objects has drove them to create a product that has all the features of a great functional wallet

Kisetsu.Co believes that life is too short to be wasted on the unnecessary. It believes in having more time to appreciate the small things in life. Near endless hours of work combined with the relentless pursuit for quality enables them to break the limitations of design. It is this, which allows them to create amazing products. All their wallets are made with full grain or crazy horse leather and come integrated with RFID blocking fabric.

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