Singer & Songwriter Elyse talks about her love & passion for music

Singer & Songwriter Elyse talks about her love & passion for music

We are sharing our interview with singer/songwriter Elyse. She has been singing since childhood.She has released some exciting music in recent past.

Pro Media Mag: What brought your into music?
Elyse: I’ve been singing pretty much since I could talk. I always loved it since I was little, but when I was in elementary school in the fourth grade I was in my little school musical, Snow White. I auditioned to play the lead, which was of course Snow White and ended up getting the part. I remember standing on the side of the stage before going out for my first big solo song and being so nervous. But I walked out on stage and stood in front of what seemed like a thousand people when in reality it was like twenty parents and as soon as I started singing, all of that nervousness just melted away. As I started belting my little fourth grade heart out, I knew in that exact moment on that tiny stage in my elementary school cafeteria singing in front of an audience for the first time ever that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Since then I have never wanted to do anything else and I’ve just continued down this music journey.

Pro Media Mag: Saw the promo of “Can’t Have Me” it’s amazing.
Elyse: Thank you so much! It was such a fun project to work on. I wrote the song a while ago and recorded it with my producer, Andrew Lane, and then filmed the music video with Jeff Marino and Muiscash. They were all so friendly and amazing and the video turned out so great! I had such a good time with them and was so grateful for the opportunity!

Pro Media Mag: Lyrics, vocals, composition or production, what’s the most important ingredient? Can you put them in most important order?
Elyse: Honestly, I think they are all equally important. If one isn’t good, it affects the entire song. If just one area is lacking, it will bring down the quality of the song, so in my opinion, all parts are very equally important. If I had to try and order them from most important to least important, I think I’d say lyrics and composition are equally the most important, followed by the production being next most important, and then vocals.

Pro Media Mag: Watching your music video, one can assume you love performing, do you?
Elyse: Absolutely. I love performing with all of my heart. I love the energy I get from an audience, moving around on stage, watching the reactions of the crowd, and the rush I get once the performance is done. I fell in love with performing the moment I stepped onto a stage and sang for an audience for the first time.

Pro Media Mag: You love to be a part of this music industry?
Elyse: I do! I think a lot of times you hear about the down sides of the industry but I feel very blessed to have been surrounded by so many incredible people who continuously lift me up and support me throughout this journey. I’ve really only had good experiences so far in the industry and even when things get hard, I always learn something or grow in some way through tough situations in the industry, but I absolutely love it.

Pro Media Mag: Do you sing in the shower too? What songs?
Elyse: Of course I sing in the shower! Who doesn’t?! I have a little playlist called “Silly Smiles” that I jam out to in the shower that’s full of classics, songs from musicals, and throwbacks and songs that makes me dance and sing at the top of my lungs. I always belt out “She’s So Gone” from the Disney movie, Lemonade Mouth and I jam pretty hard to “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” by Jet. I swear, I put on a whole concert when I sing in the shower, I have way too much fun blasting my music and singing along.

Pro Media Mag: You mostly work as independent artist or you prefer working with a label?
Elyse: I am currently working as an independent artist, but my ultimate goal is to work with a label. Both ways have their own benefits, as an independent artist I have more creative freedom and things like that but my goal is to one day get signed with the right label.

Pro Media Mag: If anyone want to stay in touch with you, what’s the best way?
Elyse: The best way to stay in touch with me would be direct message me on my Instagram (@itsmeelysemusic) ! I’m always checking my DM’s and absolutely love chatting with people!

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