Interview with vocal recording artist Strategy Ki

Interview with vocal recording artist Strategy Ki

We are sharing our recent interview with UK based vocal recording artist Strategy Ki.

Strategy Ki

Pro Media Mag : What is your name and where did it come from.
Strategy Ki : They call me “Strategy Ki”, “K to the Izz I” there is a big misunderstanding around my name, some people say it as Strategy Key or Ky. In fact it is pronouced as “Strategy K.I” – the Strategy is self explanatory, the “K.I” stands for “Killer Instincts”.

Pro Media Mag : How would you introduce yourself in one line?
Strategy Ki : A street educated introvert… “Strategy Strategy”

Pro Media Mag : What brought your into music?
Strategy Ki : I was removed from mainstream school at just 14 years old. I enrolled and joined a program for troubled youths called “DV8” where i studied music production twice a week. This was my first proper introduction to music and all the magic it brings. From there i just fell in love with the craft music creativity.

Pro Media Mag : “All My Love” is your recent release. What kind of response you have received so far ?
Strategy Ki : So since the release of my latest single “All My Love” some major doors have opened up. All My Love getting hella attention on spotify and apple music, not to mention all the blog reviews and press release write ups. If this song isn’t on your summer playlist, your probably a 6ix9ine fan

Pro Media Mag : Lyrics, vocals, composition or production, what’s the most important ingredient? Can you put them in most important order?
Strategy Ki : I think that the most important element for making a hit song is to implement catchy and unique melodies, also having a hard backing beat will help. I don’t think it so much about the lyrical content anymore, that’s a thing of the past. It just has to bring the right energy and be impacting in someway

Pro Media Mag : Do you like performing on stage?
Strategy Ki : You Dun-Kno already. Every time i perform on stage i get the most epic feeling of euphoria. I always have one or two drinks to get a vibe right before i go on stage to rock the show. I thrive of the atmosphere in the room.

Pro Media Mag : Do you sing in the shower too? What songs?
Strategy Ki : I have been heard from time to time, rapping and singing in the shower to my favourite Jamaican dancehall artists “Vybz Kartel” and “Masicka”

Pro Media Mag : You mostly work as independent artist or you prefer working with a label?
Strategy Ki : All of my music is distributed and published through an independent record label “Immortal Musikk Records”. However i have yet to reap all the benefits of a Major record label and the powers they hold with financials, management or marketing, this is all me.

Pro Media Mag : If anyone want to stay in touch with you, what’s the best way?
Strategy Ki : Hit me up on Instagram who knows, i just might slide into your DM’s

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