Simple yet attractive wood iPhone Cases

Simple yet attractive wood iPhone Cases

I love change ! And apart from apparel and shoes the next thing I change on regular intervals is my phone case. I know there are plenty of girls out there with the same habit. So for change you we normally get satisfied with change of color or design of our phone case. But sometimes we need to switch to something different altogether. Something that is unique, stylish and not ordinary. I was lucky enough to find such change on Mod Case. They got simple but attractive wood phone cases for the iPhone.

Best thing about these iPhone cases is the element of simplicity. Not much decoration or extravagant designing involved. They have kept everything very simple and smooth. It not only give an impression of something decent and different but also sustainable. The wood being a strong element keeps your precious iPhone safe and secure.

Apart from back covers they are available in flip cases . Leather used in these flip cases keeps them even more durable and secure. I really loved the naturalness of these cases, looks like pure piece of wood in our hands. I got mine for iPhone 7, but they also got phone cases for iPhone 6 and iphone6S. Price is very reasonable, starting from $25 only. So when you are going to amaze your friends with these unique wooden iPhone Cases? I got mine you can order yours at


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