Simple & stylish casual and gym wear by Simple Stylz

Simple & stylish casual and gym wear by Simple Stylz

In my search for something different and unique to wear I recently came across a store offering casual wear and gym wear. Seemed to be a newly opened store currently offering a few products only but the thing that attracts me is the quality and style rather then the variety. So the designs of the products the store was offering was eye catching that’s why I am recommending them here with my readers.

The store name is Simple Stylz and currently they are offering a uniquely designed Figure hugging leggings and fitted crop top made from 100% cotton, simple but stylish. I liked the designs of the products they are offering so out of my curiosity I contacted the store owner to know more about the store and their upcoming products and here is what she told me.

“I work with a designer to create the design I am wanting and then I have it printed onto my desired item of clothing my favorite product made is my leggings, I am a fitness freak and I love leggings I wear leggings every day so I created a design that’s simple and fresh I have many more designs coming out this is the first of many, I have my website with products available and in the process of creating a Instagram, I’m a lover of simple statement pieces of clothing so each piece is created with a lot of thought and my personal touch.”

So there is more to come. Until then you should checkout the legging and crop top they are currently offering. You can order here .

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