Interview with Garri Vardanyan,a full-time film producer

Interview with Garri Vardanyan,a full-time film producer

Garri Vardanyan is a full-time film producer from Moscow, Russia. He got his high school degree and went to college in England. In UK, he took A-level college degree and got accepted to a couple of universities. Unfortunately, the universities in UK were not the best fit for him and he decided to research further where he can continue his education. Well, this is how he ended up in America, acquiring his bachelor’s in finance and an MBA degree. Overall, it took him almost seven years to go through the whole educational process. Getting tired by the academic life, he was always looking for opportunities to grow outside of the campus. One of the things ended up being YouTube video production. It all started with a friend of him who wanted to diversify his video channel by getting him involved. They worked on two projects together and they got in love with the productional aspects of the work. Later, he decided that he was to pursue his career in the entertainment industry.

Partially it was a friend of him with whom he worked on YouTube projects, as he was the first person to introduce Garri to the entertainment world in terms of production. He, an international student, just like Garri, came to US to become a world recognized director and he was going towards his planned route. Garri, on the other side, have never thought about anything that has to do with the entertainment. However, a preferred environment where he would like to dedicate his time has been established and this is the story how he got into the entertainment industry.

If we talk about his recent projects, he has worked on multiple projects in 2018 particularly one short film that he has worked on, M.I.A. It is a war-themed short film, shot in California, under very harsh circumstances. Although, he was not present on set, he has worked countless hours as a producer on post-production in Russia. This film is about American soldiers “missing in action” (M.I.A) that are not given enough credit for their heroisms and tragic endings. They wanted to educate and remind the audience that there are/were heroes that shall never be forgotten and give special thanks for the service of these soldiers protecting our lives.

So the response was great, before even releasing the film to festivals, the project team got high admiration for the movie from their friends and family. Of course, they do not look at film the way a producer or project team do and other professionals in this industry. Their biggest response yet was winning an award for best picture at LA festival cinema. They are also in competition and made it to top finalist at a big film festival to take place at the end of this month.

For him the best part of being producer is the opportunity of working with talented people. Elaborating it further he says,

“Production is so much more than that. There are some aspects of my work that I enjoy and some that are not very pleasing. Besides working with great professionals, organizing the whole project and feeling the responsibility for that is the other best part of being a producer”

For him the biggest achievement would be the continues involvement in film production and the desire of the production companies to hire him.

“I know it sounds cheesy; however, this is more important to me that the awards acclaimed for my work. I know that I can achieve higher goals and the faith in me as a producer is all I need to achieve my goals. ”

And definitely he has set his goals.

“I would love to be involved in the film production on all stages of the project from start to end in US, working with the best talents this country can offer. I am limited in production as I do not have a work visa yet.”

He has two great projects coming up and he will need to be physically present on set to deliver quality end-product. As a result, he is applying for the work visa to continue his career here is America.

He is planning to produce full feature film M.I.A. and Petrichor.

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