Saving Salem releases Bad Aim Cupid

Saving Salem releases Bad Aim Cupid


Saving Salem, also known as Moses Seger, began his musical career nearly 10 years ago. He has achieved a great amount of exposure and humbled recognition over the years internationally and domestically within North & South America.

He released his first album with the help of October’s Very Own, TopSZN, Audio-Engineer Evan “BBQSZN” Stewart. They named the project Seven in 2014 and Moses had since released several EP’s & Albums going into 2018. With several re-brand strategies, his music has been removed from most online stores in order to redefine the vision. In addition to Moses D. Seger’s musical career as an artist, he began writing his first novella titled “Waves of the Spirit” which later reformed into the title & short-story novella “The Omega Point” which is available for purchase through this website and on Amazon; his pen name is Richard King.

To date, 1 Soul 2 Fish is Saving Salem’s current mixtape available for download under a separate stage name as a rogue movement to help teach independent artists that are unsure of the direction they will take in their careers. It pioneers the ideology to create an ever growing album, constantly adding new experimental songs to their “Infinite” but progressive musical projects.

Now he has recently released ‘Bad Aim Cupid’ that is available for download on multiple platforms. Check it out


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