Rising urban contemporary artist Sam Xhri6 (pronounced Sam Chris) follows up his sparkling summer single “Sexy girl” with a flawless and adorable Afro beats – R&B Fusion that leaves listeners thrilled. This new single is R&B at its finest.
The songwriting is poetic and the vocals so silky smooth.
In this song Sam highlights the art of love making hereby portraying a bond of togetherness between two individuals.
The intro of the song pulls you in, leaves you curious as to what’s coming next and then it begins…

“Rainy day, you know what it do / I’m gonna get down with you / your body is a big temptation / baby lemme taste every part of you”

Sam is such an amazing teaser, he knows how to make the words connect with his listeners. As he sings as tells the story, his intense energy captivates and draws you in.

The chorus is simple, memorable and catchy:

“We be making love, love, love, love / All night long, long, long.”

This projects the beauty of R&B and as you listen on you can identify Sam’s stunning voice shining through. His tone is distinct and well rounded. Summer scintillation for the ladies, this song is definitely a fine gold. It stands out and you can tell how much sexiness the beat carries in the way it synchronizes perfectly with the vocals. In this song everything clicks.

It’s makes you wanna dance, it makes you nod your head and tap your feet even when you listen while at work, above all you can’t help but mime along to this sweet summery vibe.
This is a song that has the world talking.
In conclusion “Touch” by Sam Xhri6 is a masterpiece everyone should check out.

Listen to Touch here:

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