Reasons why to shop in the US

Reasons why to shop in the US

Have you ever wondered if you can save money by shopping in a foreign country, for example in the US? There are some reason why you can save a lot of money thanks to shopping in the US!

US market is the biggest consumer market in the world. Thanks to it, prices of most of consumer products are cheaper than in the rest of the world. So why people from other countries don’t shop there?

The problem is that you need US Address if you want to shop there because US shops don’t ship internationally and then, you need to forward your package to your home country. But how to do it? Is there any service which can help you with this? The answer is yes!

One of services which can help you to ship your package from USA is Planet Express. They offer US Address where you can ship your packages from US shops. Big advantage is that if you have more packages, you can consolidate them into box and get the biggest shipping savings. The other advantage is that they the best shipping rates on the market. Just use the shipping calculator and see that shipping rates to your home country. So what to do?

Just sign up, activate your account and after activation you will have assigned your own US Address. Then you can use your new address for all deliveries and once you are ready with mail out, just choose the destination of your package! It’s super easy, just sign up today!


And in case you are looking for same standards in lower rates then we would suggest you to go for Ship7. They are offering lower rates for international shipping from USA & UK. Yes they are not limited to USA, they ship from UK as well. So you can order anything from UK too.

As far as shipping process is concerned it’s very simple. You can shop online from any USA retailer & ship the products to your Ship7 address. And mind you this shopping will be tax-free. Means apart from saving big on shipping you will also be saving on tax side. Once you will purchase the goodies and ship to Ship7 address they will be stored in a dedicated mail box for you.

And there is another plus point of shipping with them, you can collect the items in Ship7 mail box for 60 days for Free. Yes you got two months for shopping before the box is shipped to your address by ship7. Means you will save around 70% on shipping. And they ship worldwide, no matter where you live the ship7 mail box will reach you.

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