Prickly Heat by The ATif

Prickly Heat by The ATif

Every once in a while you come across a song that hits all the right areas. Good music, nice tune, flattering melody, groovy bass- that’s all you can hear in Prickly Heat by The ATif. It’s a mesmerizing mix of feel good lyrics and a theme untouched. Naughty, funny with all adult contemporary music elements that will engage audiences with a wide variety of backgrounds.

It’s not just about music- it’s also about the way the song is produced. The way vocals are delivered, the zest with which the guitars are rendered. Very catchy and very well mixed and produced. All the sequences in the song are just about hitting the right areas in the sense of song-oriented approach.

This is a major change that is lacking in almost every genre these days. Pick any top ten- and you will seldom stop or give a second listen to any track. They all sound similar and loud. May be talking to you but lacking the musical nuances and the gems that made music- magic. Commonly these days, you have to approach a song- if you are a hardcore follower. The song doesn’t follow you like this one. Prickly Heat grabs you- even if you are not familiar with the artist or his style or where he is coming from. You don’t care because everything else sounds very familiar. Like something in your genetic memory. It will remind you of everything from Come Together of Beatles to Beat It. It’s an amalgam of some audacious escapades that made music an idealistic entertainment platform. It has that punch that will draw you back to it- over and over again.

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