Preventing Legionella – Easy and Affordable Testing

Preventing Legionella – Easy and Affordable Testing

Legionella or Legionella Pneumophila is a bacterial infection that comes in two different forms – a mild and a severe condition. The legionnaire’s disease is the term given to the severe form of Legionella and if untreated this extreme pneumonia can be fatal. The milder version of Legionella is also referred to as Pontiac fever.

How does Legionella Happen?

Legionella is water-borne and infections happen when an individual breathes in infected water. The disease is not contagious. Older people are more susceptible to Legionella. Lifestyle choices like smoking and heavy drinking also increase the probability of catching the disease. Other vulnerable sections are those with a weakened immune system and those who have a chronic respiratory or kidney-related condition.

Legionella is a potentially fatal disease that can be prevented easily. To negate the chances of Legionella in your living or work area, a simple water test can determine if there is a contamination. Reputed firms such as Aquacert can help u prevent the health hazards.

Who Should Be Worried About Legionella Testing?

If your property has a water system, or if you have a role that includes maintenance of a water system, then Legionella testing is something you need to do. Some of the major sites where a Legionella testing is mandatory include public institutions like healthcare centres, hospitals, universities, holiday camps, hotels and other hospitality-related establishments. If you are a landlord then you must periodically get the water in your building tested.  Local authorities are also responsible to ensure that the common water supplies are Legionella-free.

Legionella Related Compliance

Testing for Legionella will fall under the larger framework regulations aimed at keeping water supplies and systems safe and free from dangerous microbes. The UK’s Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires business owners and employers to ensure that the water supply their employees are exposed to is safe. This requires risk assessment and testing.

Find a Legionella Testing Service

It is very important that you choose a high-quality testing product that also includes crucial post-test services for the larger benefit of the community. There are many easy-to-use Legionella testing kits are legally compliant. The testing process is very easy – you need to fill up a sterile bottle (provided) with water from the hot taps. Your sample will be collected and the testing will be done in a laboratory, after which you will be informed regarding results.

Post Testing Responsibilities

When choosing a Legionella testing service, make sure that you get a certificate for the testing process. Post-testing processes also should include getting your water system details on an integrated database. Even if you do not find Legionella in your water system after the test, there is always a chance for a future exposure. Therefore it is important that you keep having Legionella tests done. Testing service providers will also ensure that you get timely reminders for the next test.


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