Personal Habits to Make You Beautiful

Personal Habits to Make You Beautiful

With every new fashion trend, comes new makeup and a change in what seems to be needed to appear beautiful. From full eyebrows to contouring, from glitter to cat eye flicks, the ways to self-express are plentiful and varied. Yet, underneath these ways of improving the way we look, proper grooming and healthy personal habits, while comparatively mundane, are the foundations for any style, and to not pay attention to them, will undermine all your other efforts to achieve beauty.

Here are 3 personal hygiene habits that are an essential part of grooming and should be part of your beauty routine. The good news is that cheap toiletries are accessible to all, and by following the tips below, your healthy personal habits will make you feel great about yourself!

  1. Bathe regularly

Bathing is an important aspect of personal hygiene and helps to reduce the risk of infection and illness. By regularly bathing you remove the environmental toxins and pollutants that stay on your skin, and the steam allows your pores to open and loosen the dirt that invariably can clog it.

  • Use products that are pH neutral to prevent your skin from becoming too dry.
  • Use a massager while in the bath to increase your skin’s circulation – it will glow!
  • Use moisturizer after washing to keep your skin hydrated.


  1. Brush and floss

The first thing that people notice about you is your smile. Taking good care of your teeth and gums is essential, not only for looking attractive, but to maintain oral health. There is also a debate as to the connection between periodontal disease and heart disease, as the bacteria from gums can access the bloodstream and contribute to cardiovascular disease. Flossing removes the plaque that a toothbrush cannot reach.

  • Use your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to best remove plaque and buildup.
  • Use a paste that is ADA accepted so that it contains the right amount of fluoride.
  • Use a fresh section of floss for each tooth to avoid redepositing bacteria to a new area.


  1. Trim your nails

Whether you go for a manicure and pedicure, or take care of your own nails, this is an important part of personal hygiene. Nails can harbor germs and bacteria and be the cause of the spread of an infection. Ideally, nails should be kept short, but if you do prefer longer nails, it is imperative that you are fastidious about keeping them clean.

  • Avoid cutting your cuticles, as they are an important barrier that prevents
  • Use a nail brush to clean the underside of your nails with soap and water.
  • Use a clipper to trim your nails; never bite or rip them.

Personal hygiene is critical in maintaining your health, but it also provides other benefits. In society, people react more positively to people who display good personal hygiene and grooming, and that means that your self-esteem will rocket. Whether it is your friends, people in the neighborhood or employers, people judge a book by its cover, and by taking pride in your appearance, you will socially benefit from doing so.

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