When I was in South Africa not too long ago casting for an upcoming film I ran across Thomas Lubbe. We met and later had lunch at a little café in Struben’s Valley,  just outside of Johannesburg.

Tommy was impressive. We went through a litany of audition reads and I found he can take any role and make it his own. Through my stay in South Africa I found he has convincingly played all types of characters, such as an architectural student in the movie Die Klooster, a young waiter in New York City, which  was a fun part for
him especially since it was a series on South African TV. Tommy also aced the role of a doctor in the film 5 Minutes for which he was positively singled out by critics and audiences  alike. He takes his roles on stage as seriously as he does the ones on a movie set. He played an Advocate in the production of Babbelkous and Bruidegom,
and among many other productions, the Minister of Defense in Die Klooster.

Director Ryan B. Adams
Director Ryan B. Adams with South African Talent Thomas Lubbe -Jewel Of The Nile Productions

Famous for that serious poker face of his, he can also be light and fun and the life of the party if he is in the mood to be. Once he starts telling jokes, portraying characters or mimicking famous people, sit down and buckle your seat belts,  because it’s going to be an adventurous and fun ride.

As our round of meetings concluded Tommy had already started looking for an apartment in Hollywood. He decided to make the move a while back but with our meeting and the excellence of which he showed me as a “true” performer I cast him.
Can’t wait to see Tommy on the silver screen again but this time in Hollywood.

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