There are a lot of filmmakers out there, and then there are a lot of people out there who would love to be filmmakers. The first phrase means that someone is making movies and the second one is probably the category where most people fit in: the ones who want to make movies are the ones who are not really doing anything about it. That is, they are not going to film school and are not making movies in their backyards or wherever, they just talk about it.

ROY ARWASThe people who are passionate about the craft and the art of making movies are the men and women who are constantly learning more and more about films and how to best tell a story in that medium. Roy Arwas is in that category: he is truly passionate about movies and extremely passionate about editing films. He has worked on and edited over twenty short films in the last couple of years. Several of his shorts have even won awards at some distinguished film festivals. One of them, Departure, won a top prize at First Glance Film Festival and another film that he edited, Connect, won Best Short award at Boston International Kids Film Festival. Interestingly enough, the terrific film Departure was made on a shoestring budget of only $500. Sometimes the editing can make or break a film and in all the projects he has worked on, Roy’s editing has contributed to the smooth flow and coherence of the films and their story lines.

Roy is a very talented film editor who has a serious take on the movie business. He understands production and he is certainly an artistic editor. He knows how to direct and produce and he definitely knows how to write a movie, but he is most passionate about editing. Not unlike Akira Kurosawa, who started out as an editor for a Japanese film company; he had a talent for knowing when to make the cut and when to keep the same shot running just a bit longer for effect. Roy has that same innate sense and he also has a feel for timing. When you watch Departure, (you can see it on YouTube) you’ll see how seamless each transition and each cut is. Editing is not done by accident but by having a good eye for how the story moves along visually and by having the knowledge and experience and the confidence to go with your instincts. Roy Arwas has all those attributes and more, that’s why the films he edits are all so praise worthy.

Roy is a young man who can’t seem to stand still, as far as his movie career goes. He, along with five other young filmmakers, run a company called Gearmark Pictures, which makes movies, of course. They have made quite a few notable films so far and each one is worthy of an award because of the high production values they infuse into each piece. This year they have promised to produce a film a month or twelve for the year and they have already started.

Roy and his other filmmaker partners own a production company called, Gearmark Productions. You can see many of their short films on YouTube and Roy has edited most of them. He is the in-house editor so his expertise and solid taste come into play frequently.

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