Nobody Knows Photography & Cinematography Better Than Barbara Kastrati

Nobody Knows Photography & Cinematography Better Than Barbara Kastrati

Barbara Kastrati

I love to meet new people, particularly those who are skillful, talented and have certain achievements on their credits. Recently I had an opportunity to meet New York Fashion & Entertainment photographer Barbara Kastrati. We had a common friend so I already knew about some of her work. She is a top class photographer who has helped so many models and designers to get success. And that’s not all, she has also been working as an actor, radio personality, dance teacher. The world multi talented can’t do justice with such artist with a variety of skills and talent. This short meeting with her was very pleasant for me and I am obliged to write about her on my blog.

Barbara Kastrati has become one of the top stylist and photographer in New York. Upcoming models love to get their photoshoots done by Barbara, as they know she will bring out their hidden beauty and style them in such glamorous way that the designers and agencies will certainly hire them. After her success in NY now she is launching another studio in the Orlando, Florida. So if you live in Orlando you have an opportunity to get noticed. You can get your portfolio created by her to get a chance of higher success rate.

Barbara Kastrati photoshot

Apart from photography she also offers coaching that build industry skills and confidence. She assists client’s with defining their image and create entire photo & video campaigns designed to make them stand out in the industry. She has worked with top fashion designers and agency models from Ford, IMG, DNA and Elite as well as Top Designers to create their imaging and brand campaigns.

As I already mentioned in the start she is a real multi talent. Apart from photography and coaching she also worked as an actor in Film & Theater. She has been a  Radio Personality as well. And she has a vast knowledge and expertise in Ballroom & Latin Dancing. she has trained her students into some really good dancers in the recent past. With these experience and includes working as Make-Up Artist and Set Designer means she has grasp on each and every field in the colorful world of entertainment and fashion. And now she has her own level and class. And she brings together all levels of creativity for a unique fusion in her Photography & Cinematography.


And with all her success she is lucky enough to have successful personal life as well. But versatility is also there. She is American with English, Lithuanian and Irish ancestry. Her husband Mentor is an Albanian from Kosovo. Together they have 5 children: Isabella, studying Biology & Anthropology in NYC, Carrington racing Motocross throughout the country on his way to becoming Pro, and their three youngest Anila, Dokleat and Andrew who are all in school studying hard to make their own future dreams come true! And, she has love for pets as well, she has 2 dogs and 2 cats. So after all this hustle and bustle of life she got a happy life to get relaxed for the next day.

I am already following her, if you want to follow she is very active on social media as well, You can follow her on Instagram  or Facebook

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