Monarch 7 A New Sci- Fi Series Coming Soon

Monarch 7 A New Sci- Fi Series Coming Soon

 Co-Produced by ThunderBall Films , Lanette Ware- Bushfield  and Melodie Krieger


Lanette Ware-Bushfield and Melodie Krieger have created what appears to be the next big Sci- Fi smash hit, Monarch 7. The talented women signed an exclusive co-production deal with the international ThunderBall Films, Ltd.  Lanette Ware- Bushfield is a Hollywood actress with Film and TV credits such as Taken, Patriot, Supernatural, Shaft and Bad Company, to name a few.

Monarch 7 will be a traditional television drama series about a group of gamers who come face to face with alternate versions of themselves and discover they must join forces to prevent a New World Order.

Under the new multiyear co-production deal, ThunderBall Films will jointly pitch, package and produce Monarch 7 and with the creators help with financing and distribution.

Mario Domina, CEO for ThunderBall Films stated,” It is tremendously exciting to be expanding the global reach of my company with such a group of highly talented Creators who have an incredible, cutting-edge series that will take Virtual Reality and Television in Canada and Internationally to new levels.”

ThunderBall Films, A Work It Ware-Bushfield Production and Melodie Krieger plan to build their audience and commercial value by launching a new 360 mobile application to be developed by Upcoming Media, Inc., in advance of their series release. I will anxiously await that app as it sounds very innovative and unique. 

Lanette Ware- Bushfield shared, “ThunderBall Films shares our drive for producing forward-thinking television with heart. I have no doubt the Monarch 7 brand will evolve by bringing increased value to the International marketplace.” said Lanette Ware-Bushfield, CEO of A Work It Ware-Bushfield Production.

Melodie Krieger added, “To create a series about Virtual Reality that is enhanced by Virtual Reality opens up many creative possibilities to engage viewers as active participants. This will be an exciting collaboration”.

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