MirrorMirror : A must have app for fashion lovers

MirrorMirror : A must have app for fashion lovers

Being a fashion designer I need to get into the latest designs of different brands everyday. Before technology we fashion designers had to go through all fashion magazines and other such stuff. It was very time consuming and tough job. Internet particularly the social media has made our job much easier. But when it comes to comparing the designs and making choice its still very confusing. Not only for us but for any one else who want to have opinion about choosing the best one out of two or more dresses.

For the solution I tried some third party tools to make a collage of photos to have a comparative view of the designs. But its time consuming and gets really hard to do it instantly with the images I have on my WhatsApp, Instagram or other social profiles. Luckily last week I came across an app, MirrorMirror. Its a perfect app for fashion designers and for all fashion lovers. Since the day I have downloaded the app and created my account it has made my job much easier and fun.

It has a very  simple to use, safe, engaging, social environment that enables me to collage and share the pictures with my colleagues and friends. And apart from that there are plenty of other features to make a fashion lovers life easier. Apart from sharing your style you can ask the advice of fashion expert, your friends or anyone you can trust for a good advice.


Here is a glimpse of inner view of the app :


I am definitely having an inspirational experience on MirrorMirror. Particulalry I love its feature of voting. You can vote on fashion do’s-and-don’ts. And your vote will help others in making their choice. And that’s not all, you can shop the latest fashion trends using this app. So everything a fashion loving person wants to have is there in this app. I am really loving my experience with this app, you will surely love it. For further information you can checkout www.askmirrormirror.com.

And you can download it on your iOS or Android device.


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