Interview with Carolyn, a well experienced and expert clairvoyant

Interview with Carolyn, a well experienced and expert clairvoyant

What if you can know things before hand? What if you can get the knowledge of what can happen in your future? Absolutely you can’t be sure about that but there is someone who can. Today we have with us an expert clairvoyant, Carolyn who is born with natural ability to foresee things. Here is our conversation with her.

Carolyn clairvoyan interview

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Carolyn : My name is Carolyn – I am a natural born clairvoyant. I live at Valla Beach, Australia. My work enables me to travel extensively throughout my own country. However, I reading all over the world. I am a mother of 5 beautiful children all grown up now who also possess the gift similar ways.

Pro Media Mag : When did you realized that you can foresee the things and events?
Carolyn : I was around. I began to start feeling a more neightened sense of my abilities. I would dream or foresee event with family members close to me before they happened. It was around Christmas 1981. All the family came to our house. This was aunt and uncles and great aunts and uncles whom we had not reunited with for years. I recall sitting at our large Christmas table eating and talking with family when someone suggested we make a toast to the family that could not make it such as my great grandmother who was still in Queensland.
As each person toasted around the table I began to feel as though I was disconnecting from the room. I could hear what was happening. I was present however, I felt as though I was like a hologram, between places. In front of me I could see a hospital bed and noisy machines. I noted three people standing to the right of the bed and then as if I was standing at the doorway I could see my nana and my mum arriving to stand at the foot of the bed.
The toast came to me and I blurted out ” Here is to little Nana” (my great grandmother’s nick name) she wont be with us much longer.  Every scoffed and some were a little uncomfortable however, we continued on with the day. After everyone left my mother pulled me to one side and said I was to be more careful with what I say as i can upset people. I spoke to mother about my vision of what I saw and my mother did not carry the conversation forward any further.
It was 48 hours later we received a call from the nursing home my great grandmother was residing. Apparently she had fallen broke her hip. They operated on her however she had contract phenomena and was critical. The family was asked to travel the 12 hours to be at her side. My mother and my Nan left for the journey. They arrived at the same scene I had described to my mother. Taking their place at the foot of the bed moments before she was to pass over.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to start this professionally?
Carolyn : I had a wonderful friend called Susan who was in her late 40’s at the time and I just into my early 20’s, she would call by and I would do readings. Susan encouraged me to learn tarot and to read a lot of spiritual books. I got as far as the Tarot however, her knowledge was amazing. To this day I still feel her around often when I am working on my books or divination projects.
Susan passed a few years back. I was in Bathurt NSW and she was still residing in Queensland. I recall this one day sitting in my office and I heard her voice as plain as day ay what are you doing? hurry up and pack you need to by no further than 1.5 hours from the boarder.
It was 4pm when my daughter arrived home I remember saying as soon as she arrived home I have to leave. I drove all that evening to the early morning. I was less than 10 minutes from her home. I pulled over and slept, when I woke I made my way to Susan’s house. It was as if she waited and within the 1.5 hours she passed over.  I will always feel blessed to be a part of a very spiritual moment. To say goodbye, to be a part of a very private moment surrounded by so much love.

Carolyn clairvoyan

Pro Media Mag : Do you have expertise in some specific kind of readings?
Carolyn : I am clairvoyant foremost. I can see, feel, taste, smell, hear and instantly know people, energy or information. Most of my readings are based on every day matters such as life itself. However I do have the ability to receive messages from loved ones who have passed.
It is through my work I have built a solid respect and support from people who contact me for my work with spirit. However, my strongest passion and strength is definitely to do with my clairvoyance and psychic abilities. To foresee the future and to be able to help with understanding the past.
When people go missing or there is a big Pro Media Mag mark left over a situation or an event, the work I do enables me to help fill in those gaps, bring Carolyns and to help locate people or items.

Pro Media Mag : Your clients belong to some specific field or area?
Carolyn :
I read for many different people. Everyone is unique and so are their readings. I might read for a young lady, an old man, a friend of a friend or just a group of people who are wanting to have the experience of a reading.
There is no real age limit or social status, gender or demographic audiences. Those who feel connected to wanting a reading just arrive, call or come across me through my social media connections.

Pro Media Mag : Did you get some specific education or its all your skills and natural abilities?
Carolyn : I am naturally born. It is hard to teach a gift however some can define to work with it better. I spent year mastering and learning from my own experiences. I have gone on to teach others some techniques however, you need to already be able to have the ability within.
Everyone will experience their gift uniquely. How I pick up on messages is how my mind, emotions and energy perceive them. I can relate to the message or image or sensation as it is something I may have experienced in my life. I try to encourage people to not to compare their gifts to others as we are all unique in our connection.

Pro Media Mag : What do you do in your off days or free time?
Carolyn :  I love to travel, so between work and having the opportunity to get away and tune out it becomes important. I love the getting in touch with nature, cooking, listening to music and spending time with my loved ones. This helps me to ground, revitalize and also give back to myself.

Pro Media Mag : You must have witnessed so much during all these 30 years as a clairvoyant. Anything you would like to share with our readers?
Carolyn : I remember in 2011 I was attending a Tony Stockwell presentation in Sydney. I could not stop my legs from shaking when I sat down to watch his show. I knew it was not nerves however my friends and I all laughed. The day progressed however i felt really out of sort. I realised I was picking up on the earth quake that was about to hit New Zealand.
When I read for people who are going to fall pregnant I get a kicking in my tummy. I have accurately predicted before each of my grandchildren have been conceived and born their conception and sex.
I can feel someones medical issues. I tend to tune in and feel their body as mine. I have been contacted world wide by family of people missing or passed and have not been located. I have been able to tune in and feel their energy be this alive or in transition (passed).
People often ask it must be hard for anyone to surprise me, I laugh because sometimes if I am not meant to know something I am literally tuned out.

Carolyn clairvoyan

Pro Media Mag : How can someone contact you to avail your services?
Carolyn :

I am available via –
Fb/ CarolynClairvoyant
Youtube: Carolyn Clairvoyant

Call :  0422 143 805


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