Meet Best Brilliance

Meet Best Brilliance

Best Brilliance has over 40 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry business. With several locations globally including Belgium, Nyc, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv – Best Brilliance believes in fair pricing and outstanding customer service. The company’s expertise with clarity diamonds has made the company as a major supplier of high quality diamonds to both jewelers and various jewelry dealers across the world.


Best Brilliance are in full compliance of the Kimberly Process and stand along with other major companies around the world in the fight against blood diamonds.

On the company’s ecommerce website – thousands of jewelry items can be found, including engagement rings with free sizing and stone settings, earrings, wedding bands, pendants and natural loose diamonds. An additional feature offered is Gemscribe Technology, allowing every customer to add a custom inscription to the diamond they are purchasing while also adding an anti-theft inscription.

Shipments are made with FedEx and with package tracking to insure a fast and smooth delivery for customers. All items are exchangeable or can be returned for a full refund.

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