Many reasons to go for Legacy Hair Collection !

Many reasons to go for Legacy Hair Collection !

Why shop with them?
Because they provide 100% Human Remy Hair
Not a hair expert or cosmetologist?
That is okay! They have no problem providing you with proper education on what sets Legacy apart from the rest of the industry.
No Gimmicks Just Quality . What does that mean?

  • Their hair is collected by the ponytail method
  • The hair is cut from the donor ponytail so all hair is the same direction root to ends.

  • It is then hand weft, wash and shipped to you in its original color and texture.
  • Meaning it has not been touched by chemicals, acid baths, or silicone.
  • No chemical- hair can be colored
  • No acid baths- No shedding, No matting, No tangles
  • No silicone- mean the hair is true to natural weight


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