Lucky Monkey impresses with “Nothing To Lose”

Lucky Monkey impresses with “Nothing To Lose”

Lucky Monkey’s exciting and refreshing sound has made fans all over North America drive up the listens on the bands Spotify. The new single and video Nothing To Lose is well done and enjoyable to watch as it showcases skills and a great visual concept and it’s also forward thinking with innovative ideas and musical talent. Looking forward to seeing this group climb to the top.

For those who didn’t get a chance to came across Lucky Monkey yet. Lucky Monkey is a rock band from Kelowna, BC, Canada that blends the soul of old-school classic rock with the energy and polish of the 21st Century to create music that speaks to fans both new and old. The band’s sound is melodic, crunching, and accessible and it’s new five-song EP, Nothing To Lose, is expected to introduce Lucky Monkey to an exponentially larger audience. Those close to the band are excited to see these new songs go out into the world to represent real rock music and show listeners everywhere that not all modern music is made of plastic.

So here is the new single “Nothing To Lose”. Must check it out.



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