Looking for some hidden face dpz ?

Looking for some hidden face dpz ?

According to recent trend on social media, a large percentage of girls are reluctant to post their own picture as DP on a social media app. Particularly if you talk about facebook dpz or whatsapp dpz, due to some recent privacy and data breach putting your selfie or picture as Dp is not 100% safe.

Even though there are some security features introduced that wont let anyone download your facebook profile picture. Or in case of what’s app you can limit your profile picture to only your contacts in list. So a large number of girls are relying on hidden face dpz.

There is large collection of hidden face dpz for facebook and hidden face dpz for whatsapp on internet. You can search the term “hidden face dpz” in the search bar and hundreds of thousands of facebook and whatsapp dps will appear.

But is it legal to place a random picture as your Dp? Putting a picture not owned by you as dp is against copyright laws, unless the owner has permitted it. You can actually get in trouble. Even though you may be looking for a picture with hidden face girl. Yet there might be an owner to that picture and she may have some proof of ownership of these pictures.

So what’s the safe path? You don’t want to share your picture on social media. Instead you want to place a picture of girl with hidden face or in other words a hidden face dp as your facebook or whatsapp profile picture. So the best way is to search for pictures with creative commons license.

A pictures with creative commons license or in short CC licensed picture is licensed by the owner to be used free of cost. You can use it freely in your social profile or anywhere else on social media or on your blog etc.

Here are some HD hidden face dpz for you to download. All of these are Creative Common licensed and free to be used as your facebook dp or whatsapp dp. We will be uploading more hidden face dpz and other type of dpz soon meanwhile enjoy these.

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