6 Fashion Brands You Should Know When Buying Boots

6 Fashion Brands You Should Know When Buying Boots

It is impossible to deny that boots have changed over the years. Surely, you have noticed that boots are no longer just seasonal wear you use in the spring or during the summer. Boots are no longer restricted to the colder and gray months of the year, people now wear boots even during the hottest summer days. It doesn’t matter if you want to put on a pair of boots at the office,  for a city walk or just to go to a gathering with your friends – boots are such a great choice. To be completely honest it could look a little odd if you were wearing boots at the beach but if you know how to work them, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. When you remove the weather conditions as an obstacle a lot of options for boots are opening up. Subsequently, there so many brands producing boots and in thousands of varieties that include ankle boots, cowboy boots, western boots, knee-high boots, and even the most recent hero here the chunky boots. So to help you select the right pair for your personality and style we have prepared this incredible guide to boots that includes some of the best brands to buy those shoes from. 

From Italian, French to Danish there are some top notch shoe brands out there and when it comes to boots we know how to help you make a choice and stay trendy. 


If you are looking for something more casual and sporty, Läst is the way to go. 

Läst is one of the leading shoe brands in Scandinavia and their innovative shoes can be shipped worldwide. If you are looking for something modern, comfortable, edgy with the inspired design you will find what you are searching for with Läst. Their most recent shoe collections include outstanding boots which are a great choice for any chica that wants to stand out but in comfort. Achieving a high-end contemporary look is so easy with this brand. One of our favorite pieces from Läst are the Chealse chunky boots & the Downhill Beige Boots. Both incredibly comfortable with a slight retro touch. You just can’t take your eyes off of them. 


If you haven’t spotted Akaada anywhere else before, we are so happy to open your eyes to this brand. Akaada’s spring 2021 collection covers some of the most amazing chunky boots we have seen all season! This is perhaps one of the most trendy boot styles of 2021 – the chunky boots. The fashion designers of Akaada hopped on the wave and made it their own. The brand’s philosophy centers around self-empowerment, confidence, and personality and you can easily see that in their designs time and time again. Get familiar with Akaada and check them out as soon as you have the chance. Next time you won’t miss their bestseller. There is only one final piece of advice we can give you about Akaada, SHOP NOW! 

Fabio Rusconi 

Shades of white, beige, cream and nude have concerned the scene when it comes to boots styles for 2021. Fabio Rusconi truly understood the message and managed to show a beautiful shoe collection that covers great beige boots with a square toe, chunky dad boots with high-quality Italian leather, and excellent design. The brand is hipper focused on quality and authentic materials. It’s clear the Florence brand is all about loving shoes and has taken all of the inspiration that Italian craftsmanship can possibly give. Keep circling back to Fabio Rusconi and their amazing footwear offerings as the brand is so full of potential! 

The Bronx

The Bronx is quite possibly the best brand to offer Cowboy boots in all Europe. This is definitely the brand to put on your wishlist next time you are looking for cowboy boots. The Bronx Metal Toe Cognat Boots for example are a true representation of the brand’s style and western boots in general. Somehow the Bronx has managed to capture the essence of the cowboy boots look and still escape the ordinary, which is in their motto. Their deep examination of details can be seen even in the sole of the boots, so delicate, comfortable leather sole all on top of 9cm of Cuban heels. Their shoes are super authentic and unique at the same time. Unlike most cowboy boots the Cognat Boots are higher and make your legs look taller and have a certain snazzy zazz to them. The Bronx is always coming with new and exciting shoe models that will definitely impress you, so don’t be a stranger to the Bronx. 


Bukela is a danish family-owned fashion brand established in 2021 by a mother and son. Together they release new great shoes every season and continue to show the great admiration they have for simplicity, style, minimalism, details. It is their intention to provide high-quality boots at a reasonable price and therefore break the gap between high-end fashion and street fashion. Bukela’s boots are so full of energy, class and are super versatile. Whether you are going for their cowboy boot, their classical western pieces, or perhaps the ankle boots in their collection it is guaranteed that you won’t regret buying boots from Bukela. 


After watching all the fashion shows during the Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021 we can honestly say that there is a common ground and trends can be spotted. For boots that is the agreement to be comfortable and casual but do it like a lady. That being said designers are clearly turning back to a more retro look when it comes to shoes in general. Going back to heels that take the eye and pointed exactly at your legs in a cool but edgy way. Therefore, perhaps the biggest trend for boots in 2021 is knee-high boots. Want to see great examples of high-knee boots? Check out Flattered and we are sure you are not gonna regret it. Before you do we have to warn you that the Flattered shoe collection might do some damage to your wallet. Yeap, it is that good. No time to waste, find the Italian brand to learn even more about them and stay on track with the latest trends for boots in 2021. 

These were 6 of the most amazing brands that sell boots throughout the year. We’ve handpicked these fashion houses for you so that you can always stay up to date when buying boots and be informed on the shoe trends of 2021. Additionally, now that you know the emerging shoe brands you want to have to buy so many commercial products as much. Show character and personality by expressing yourself and standing out with the right boots from the most promising brands. 

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