Llamador de angeles Engelsrufer – Your Best Companion

Llamador de angeles Engelsrufer – Your Best Companion

Today on waking up I found a parcel on my doorstep. It was from my cousin in Los Angeles. A cry of joy came out of my mouth once I opened the package. It was a beautiful silver Engelsrufer. I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful gift. It has an angel like look and very gracefully crafted. I am big fan of Engelsrufers as I used to have one in my school days. But the one I just received had an amazing and splendid look. Llamador de angeles Engelsrufer was written on the box. Unable to understand the meanings I logged on the brand that had crafted this Engelsrufer.


Llamador de angeles was the name of the brand selling these Engelsrufers. And the name refers to ‘Guardian Angels’.  Now I fully understood the meanings. So these Engelsrufer are meant to be used as guardian angles. And that made me love the gift even more. It feels really exciting and soothing to have something like a guardian angle with you all the time.

It’s actually based on an ancient tradition

“The Engelsrufer – a precious jewel, which is fragile like an angel but strong enough to help in all situations.’

Llamador de angeles Engelsrufer are high quality handcrafted piece of jewelry made from Sterling Silver. My main reason to get impressed is the close attention they have paid in its creation, even small details have been taken care. Sound balls inside have a sweet sound that’s so much soothing. Overall these Engelsrufer are so delicate  in design and comfortable to wear.

There used to be traditions of pregnant women using these Engelsrufer for their protection from bad spirits and evils. But now a days girls and women of all ages have tendency to wear them. A perfect item to gift to your loved ones. Particularly the ones designs by Llamador de angeles.


I would suggest you to have a look into their uniquely designed  Engelsrufer you will love owning them.

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