Lets Meet Abe Cohn, the COO of THC Legal Group

Lets Meet Abe Cohn, the COO of THC Legal Group

We always try to bring interviews of personalities belonging to different fields of life. Today we are sharing with you our recent conversation with Abe Cohn, the COO of THC Legal Group.

Abe Cohn interview

Pro Media Mag : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Abe Cohn :  Hello, thank’s so much for having me. It is both a pleasure and honor to introduce myself to your readers.  My name is Abe Cohn, and I am the COO of THC Legal Group, a team of Marijuana lawyers servicing the cannabis community.  Fundamentally, my job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly both internally and with our clients.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into legal profession?
Abe Cohn : The legal profession is endlessly fascinating because it touches on a seemingly unlimited amount of issues in both substance and style. It is incredibly satisfying to help entrepreneurs and startups protect their interests and achieve their goals.  I am inspired by the interpret attitude of our clients and the fortitude young companies must possess to succeed in a tough and unforgiving world.
Pro Media Mag : What’s the specialty of your law firm THC Legal Group?
Abe Cohn :  Principally, THC Legal Group is a boutique law firm specializing in the Cannabis  industry.  What is uniquely challenging about becoming involved in this space is that while Marijuana may be legal in many states (either medically or recreationally), it is still Federally illegal under the Controlled Substance Act.  Shockingly, marijuana’s designation as a Schedule one drug reflects the Federal Government’s official stance that Marijuana has ZERO medicinal value and a highly likely hood of abuse.  It is our job to make sure that cannabis entrepreneurs and clients act within their local state laws and to the greatest extent possible, Federal laws as well.

Pro Media Mag : Does your firm deal only with the problems faced by business industries or do you render your services to individuals as well?
Abe Cohn :  As a general matter, it is always best and indeed safest for individuals entering any sort of business venture to do so under the umbrella protection of a business entity.  Thus, we tend to recommend to our individual clients to set up either an LLC or Corporation (depending on the client’s needs) and conduct their business, as a “business”.  This will limit the individual’s liability and allow him/her to sleep better at night.
Pro Media Mag : What’s the best thing about being the COO of a Law Firm?
Abe Cohn :  Speaking to new and interesting marijuana business owners is immensely fun and thought provoking. Some of the ideas we come across are truly shocking but each one affords me the opportunity to learn something new about the market and most current trends. I love helping these businesses build trust with our cannabis attorneys and come to rely on us as trusted advisors, instead of mere lawyers.

Pro Media Mag : What are your hobbies in free time?
Abe Cohn :  I am deeply passionate about playing my Fender Stratocaster. It is baby blue and my most prized possession.  I am also a big proponent of fitness and enjoy shocking my system in a cryogenic chamber after an intense workout.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Abe Cohn :  One of my main goals, at least on a day to day basis, is to write an interesting and helpful article for our resource center every single day. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this industry and I think it is important to have a steady flow of reliable and consistent information that people can rely on.

Pro Media Mag : Any advice for those who want to join the marijuana industry?
Abe Cohn : The most important thing for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs to consider is the risk involved in a interacting with a substance that is Federally illegal.  It is still too early to know how the Trump Administration is going to interface with our industry but at the present moment, marijuana is still very much so illegal. It is important to connect with legitimate and trustworthy industry experts before embarking on any new business venture.


Abe Cohn is the COO of THC Legal Group, a team of Marijuana lawyers specializing in legal protection for the cannabis industry.  For more information, please visit their website at www.thclegalgroup.com