Bath and Beauty Products by The Soap Guy

Bath and Beauty Products by The Soap Guy

The Soap guy makes unique kind of beauty and bath products. Particularly they have variety of handmade soaps. These soaps are based on unique formula that’s developed after years of experiments and customer feedback. None of the ingredients used in the making of these soaps is harmful. Shea better, one the most effective natural ingredient is used in all soap bars. That makes these soap more suitable and effective for skin. Apart from soaps they have bath bombs, body butter, lotions and some other products to offer as well.

the soap guy

Apart from beauty related benefits these soaps can make you earn money as well? How ? very simple. They are selling these in wholesale prices means you can buy them in low prices and sell them in higher. You can get custom bars as per your requirements. Or you can even have your labels on the bars with just 30cents per bar extra paid. So a big opportunity awaits you, starts your business of selling soap guy soaps and earning handsomely.

One thing more I would like to mention, They are offering Free Shipping on orders over $80.00!  Prices are already reasonable and when you get top quality homemade soap with no shipments charges, it make your day even better. It means lot of savings. And they ship outside USA as well. If you live outside USA just get a quote of shipping charges by contacting them and you are ready to go.

So what are you waiting for ? Visit the The Soap Guy site and order.

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