LED Neon signs are bringing colors to our lives!

LED Neon signs are bringing colors to our lives!

There were times when the neon signs were only used at commercial level. There were some solid reasons for that. First of all these were made for commercial purpose only as there was no concept of using it at domestic level. Secondly the prices were at high side. Thirdly the technology was a bit new so people were reluctant to give it a try. Even commercial users were preferring hoardings and other such means. But the time has changed so much now.

Now neon signs are used at larger scale at commercial and domestic levels. And the variety and range in neon signs has no limit now. And due to used of modern LED technology, the prices has gone down as well. So all good for neon signs to take major part in our lives.

Now coming to my own experience with neon sign. My cousin is married with an Australian and has shifted to Australia as well. On her first wedding anniversary I was out of idea, what to gift her? I was searching through net then suddenly I came across a custom neon sign manufacturer in Australia. The company is offering large variety of custom neon signs for commercial and domestic use.

They got some cool and stylish neon signs for home decor purpose. As my cousin is setting up a new house so this seemed to be a perfect gift for her. Gone through the site I found out so many beautiful designs. There were some neon lights in different shapes and styles and then they got the option of designing a custom neon sign based on our demand. It can be any wording i.e. Happy anniversary, Mr & Mrs. and so on.

I was unable to decide as there were so many ideas coming into my mind and then suddenly I came across Cute Heart Shaped Neon Lights. These lights were so cute that it took me seconds to makeup my mind to finalized these for the gift. These lights comes with matching color acrylic back ground. As the lights were available in different colors. So I went for three different colors.

The reason for going for these heart shaped neon lights was not only the colorfulness and cuteness but also due to their multi-purpose usage. As they can use it for home decor or put it at some event or make a romantic environment in their bedroom. So I finally went for it and ordered the lights and waited for the response.

And the response was great. My friend and her husband love it. She told me the quality was outstanding and the company has provided an extra ordinary service. She has put these in her bedroom near her bed and uses these to light up their mood at night. So this technology proved to be fruitful and amazing. Not only me, who ever has used it is loving it. Particularly if the manufacturer are as good as Neon Collective.

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