Invest In the Best Above Ground Pool Ladder

Invest In the Best Above Ground Pool Ladder

This is necessary for all above ground pools. Ground pools reach up to 30 to 55 inches high, in these cases even grown up adults cannot go into the water without using a ladder. These are included in many pool sets, although most often these are cheap quality metals. They break or bend easily and may lead to bruises, lacerations, twisted joints, broken bones, torn ligaments or spine and brain trauma (in case of a fall).

Since it is a vital element in the use of above ground pools as well as the safety of family members and other users are equally important, choosing the kind of ladder is then a major feat. These can vary in durability and price but the most important thing to remember when buying one is the safety of its users.

In choosing, do not go lightly on quality materials, or those that are made of sturdy and durable metals, water sealed wood or fiberglass. Check if there is a non-slip material on the steps because “slip and fall” accidents most often happen when the gets wet. This, you should do not just for your family but also for legal purposes, e.g., on premise liability. Read here for the potential swimming pool dangers you must know of.

What Is It Made Of?

Normally, these ladders come in three types of materials: steel, resin, and plastic. It can also be a combination of two or all of these materials. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plastic Resin – it is resistant to weather elements; very durable; requires less maintenance. Cleaning this kind is by way of a non-abrasive cleaner and then a quick rinse with water.
  • Aluminum – it is sturdier and more stable than plastic resin, but not as much as steel. It is rust-resistant and more rust-resistant than steel. Both types tend to get hot on sunnier days; cleaning is also easy on this type.
  • Steel – It is the strongest of all types, but is heavier and cumbersome to handle. It is also the most expensive. Zinc coated galvanized steel is most often used because this is more rust-resistant than ordinary steel. Cleaning this is just like the other types.

Does Size Matter? 

A good ladder has steps that reach from the bottom to the top of the pool. There are those that are too high or too short can result to issues that would risk the safety of its users and all the others around it. Balance and safety is imperative when you choose one. Also, it is important to make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold weight but light enough to remove it when cleaning and maintenance is necessary.

What matters is how safe they are because your loved ones’ safety depends on what you bring into their environment. Check this out:

The Different Kinds 

  • A-Frame – is the most common; two sets of ladder rungs – on placed inside and another placed outside the pool. Most of the A-frames are now made of resin and can usually carry weights until 300 pounds. This type is what is called a safety ladder where the outside portion can be pulled up so children cannot climb into the water without an adult’s supervision.
  • In-Pool – this is almost the same as an A-frame except that it does not have the outside rungs. This is used when the pool has a deck, only inside rungs are necessary.
  • Ladder Outside and Steps Inside – this is great if the pool has no deck. This means one climbs a ladder in getting in but uses actual steps on the inside. This is better because the steps are wider and easy to step on. Rails are also available in this type.
  • Steps Outside and Steps Inside – this is the most preferred type; it has wide steps from outside and all the way up and steps inside, into the water. Hand railings are also available in this type. Weight capacity is also more on this type. This is most appropriate for pools whose users are often big swimmers or the elderly, and those with special needs.
  • Wedding Cake Steps – this is the most commonly used for above ground pools with decks. The name got itself from the structure itself with round steps that start small at the top and then goes wider down to the base at the bottom. It has more stepping area and can serve as landing area for shorter swimmers.

Invest in top above ground pool ladders as these are essential parts of your recreation. In getting one, just make sure that you think about the potential users, and their ease and convenience in getting gin and out of the pool. This way, you can guarantee that the amount of money spent you spent is worth it.


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