Know About Hair Type Then Select Your Flat Iron for Hairstyle

Know About Hair Type Then Select Your Flat Iron for Hairstyle

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory! Different hair types need different ways, strokes and machines! This is so if you want your long hair to be healthy, shiny and attractive. Hair may be simple in structure, yet it carries people the way they look and appeal to other people.

First things first! Let’s determine our individual hair types to know what straightening iron suits it best.

Type 1 – Straight hair: This type of hair can be categorized as:

Type 1A Hair – The hair that is naturally very fine, very soft, very thin and shines noticeably.

Type 1B are those medium-textured straight hair but has more body than Type 1A.

Type 1C – We can say this hair type is relatively coarse as this is most resistant to curly styling.

Type 2 – Thick Hair: It is very much productive information if you already got thick hair. Not only day by day but also need to wait months to get results then think hair. Use quality of product to protect these types of hair, that’s way you need to know which flat iron best for thick hair? Wait and read continue to get this information.

Type 3 – Wavy Hair: This is the hair type that is not overly oily or very dry. We can say it is the moderation of Type A and Type C hair types.

Type 3A hair type is hair stylist-friendly.  They can easily be straightened or curled for they are also fine and thin.

Type 3B hair has wavy characteristic that tends to adhere to the shape of our head.

Type 3C hair is wavy hair that is fairly coarse and easily frizzes.

Type 4 – Curly Hair:  It has a definite “S” shaped curly pattern. Its curliness isn’t as shiny as Type 1 and also the wave is not as medium as Type 2. The reason is that this type of hair does not flatly lay.

Type 4A those curly hairs that are very shiny and loose.

Type 4B those curly hairs that range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews.

Type 5 – Kinky Hair: Kinky means tightly curled hairs. They are generally extremely fragile, extremely wiry.  They may seem to be coarse, yet they are really very fine when touched. Several thin strands are densely packed together which are very common in African-American people.

Type 5A is characterized with tight coils. It has an “S” pattern design when stretched.

Type 5B looks like “Z” patterned curls and has less defined curls pattern. The hair bends at very sharp angles.

Now that we have some information about different types of hair, we can now decide what type of hair straightening flat iron suits our hair type.

Choose Flat Iron for your Hair Type:

For wavy hair, Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline flat iron is the best. This brand comes with a heat shield.  Tourmaline is a crystal mineral added to the ceramic plates which make the flat iron safe to use.  It greatly aids in hair smoothing process with gorgeous lifestyle.

It produces more moisture-locking ions than other brands that only use tourmaline-coated irons. Depending on the length of your hair, you may use one of the three available sizes – 1”, 1-1/4” or 1-1/3 inches.

The first 2 sizes is best for shorter hair while the 3rd one is best for long crowning glory. This brand easily heats up but mind you, it does not easily cool down. The heat stays longer than usual.

For think hair, it is very important to know which flat iron is perfect in this stage. But I confidently tell you, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron is one of the best irons for think hair.

For curly, kinky and tight-zigzagged hair types – If heat is the ally of those with wavy hair, this is not the case for persons with kinky-curly hair. It’s the other way around. Kinky hair needs excessive moisture so as to protect the hair from being damaged when it is straightened.

The hair must be prepared first. Leave-on conditioner can help a lot to achieve this stage. Then, use the Twin Turbo 3200 Dryer with the right comb attachment. Round hair brush must be avoided at all costs because its brittles can create too much tension on the kinky curls. Kinky-curly hairs must be worked with when they offer very little resistance.

So, what type of flat iron will work best for your type of hair? Yes, got it! I think it will be good tips for you.

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