Jewelry In Candles A Unique Reveal Experience

Jewelry In Candles A Unique Reveal Experience

I was searching for Birthday gift for my Best friend online. I was looking for giving her something different and unique that she may not be expecting at all and I came across this site . It seems not only a unique but also an adventurous idea . Jewelry inside the candles, when you lit the candle you will have a view of what is inside. Before buying gift I checked more about this store by contacting them . What I came to know , I preferred sharing with my readers too.

I was responded back by Kristena Simoneau , a director with Jewelry In Candles. She told that they offer 100% natural soy wax candles and tarts with your choice of jewelry inside. They let you CHOOSE your jewelry type and size. They also offer toxic free body butters as well.

Jewelry in candles
That’s the Candle I am talking about

So I was convinced enough and as my friend love rings so I Ordered  A candle from them with a ring of her size inside that  (In the picture) . Gave the present to my friend and next day she gave me a thank you hug . She was so thrilled and excited about the gift when it was revealed .That made me more happy . So sharing my nice experience with you so that you can also try Jewelry in Candles and gift your loved ones candles , scents or jewelry from Candles with Jewelry. As they do say ” You’ll not only fall in love with all of our scents – but you’ll love our jewelry as well! ” . After shopping from them I am convinced that she was right about everything their director Kristena said to me.

And forgot to mention. I will be purchasing my valentine gift from them as well. They are offering bonus price on it also. Would recommend you to try them also.

Jewelry in candles valentine gift

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