Jennifer Juan release her third poetry collection “Home Wrecker”

Podcaster and Writer, Jennifer Juan is celebrating the release of her third poetry collection, “Home Wrecker”, which is now available worldwide.

jennifer juan

A poetic exploration of love, loss, and bad behaviour, “Home Wrecker” will transport readers into the lives of those around them, and allow them to see the heartbreaking scenarios, that lead people to become their best, or their worst.

Speaking on her latest collection, Jennifer Juan said: “I’m really excited to bring everyone along with me on this journey, and share this project. ”

Author Ben Mumberson said: “Truly fantastic work from a enchanting author, I can only wait with bated breath for what she has in store for us next.”

“Home Wrecker” is available in eBook and Paperback, exclusively from Amazon. To discover more of Jennifer Juan’s work, you can find her online at,

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