Insight into Christine Reidhead Remarkable Podcasts Available Online

Insight into Christine Reidhead Remarkable Podcasts Available Online

Christine Reidhead, the CEO and founder of a nonprofit organization AfrikRising, conducted two very important podcasts with one of the founders of the Tribal College Movement, Tom Davis. He is an exceptional leader who shared his experience in management in the Tom Davis Leadership Podcast.

Tribal College Movement Podcast (published by the Tribal College Journal)

Tom talks about the Tribal College Movement. He came up with this idea was when he got a job at college on the Menominee Reservation before it was even a reservation.  Over there, Tom met Helen, the Coalition of Indian Controlled School Boards and also the founder of Rough Rock. Their aim was to set up a university. The wanted to help any person who speaks Indian language, belongs to an Indian culture, has the knowledge of the community and want to serve through education to restore the American Indian education and save them from a disastrous situation.

 The goal did not materialize easily. The founders had to go through immense struggle after which they were able to establish the tribal college. These hurdles came in the form of low funding and opposition from the higher education community. However, Tom was not disheartened, and he continued to persevere. Overtime, the retention and graduate students started to increase. A college was soon formed thanks to the degree programs that had just started. Overtime, it became a university. 

Tom Davis Leadership Podcast (published by The Los Angeles Tribune)

In this podcast, Tom begins by explaining his techniques and visions of handling a management and how he had created his success following his pathway. He elaborates on his saying, “When you strengthen their strengths, you weaken their weaknesses.” Essentially, making people believe in themselves is the only way to help kick the barriers down, and let people to pursue their dreams. 

He then moves on to describe the qualities of the leader. According to him, the leader should have a sense of humility. He should not assume that he is above the people in any way. He should also be in control of himself because often times, things in the corporate world don’t go according to plan. 

In his next point, Tom mentions how a successful leader is one who has the ability to speculate crisis and then come up with a strategy to solve the issue. This helps in maintaining stability in an organization. According to Tom, creating a network of people who are honest with the company can really help at the time of catastrophe. He talked about the human relation and values a manager should be able to maintain within an organization. To have a creative and diverse environment, the effective tolerance between people in a workplace is essential. 

Tom mentions about how important it is to take courses related to Accounting and Finance. Tom states that leaders should know how to manage money and explains the necessity of having a strategic plan and a vision of the organization in 5 years since things are going to change rapidly with the advent of technology. 

There is a lot more to these exceptional podcasts. Give it a listen, you can learn a lot. Visit:

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