Jane Iredale Brushes:

Makeup brushes are undoubtedly the most important component needed for the perfect makeup. Unless you do the blending of your foundation, blushes properly with the help of makeup brushes your makeup regime remains incomplete. The most important thing to consider while buying a makeup brush is to check the quality as using a bad quality brush can cause breakouts of your skin. Jane Iredale is a well-known brand in the beauty industry. The Jane Iredele brushes are made of natural products and do not harm your skin. The Jane Iredele brushes glide through your skin easily to give you the perfect makeup and enhance your beauty to a great extent.


Essential 6 Piece Vegan Brush Set: the combination of brush set works well for various usage.

The Handi Brush: This is available for 71 Dollars. This dense brush gives you a  high coverage and needs very little amount of makeup product

Blending Brush: This is available for 80 Dollars and gives you the perfect makeup blending that you could have ever thought about.

Chisel Powder Brush: the vegan brush is made with goat hair or rose gold and is really good for your skin. This is available for 58 dollars

Blending or contouring Brush: Blend your makeup perfectly by purchasing this brush at 62 Dollars

Foundation Brush: Foundation is the basis of any makeup and hence it is essential to do the blending of the foundation right to get the perfect result. Get the brush for 76 Dollars only

Angle Liner or Brow Brush: A perfectly defined brows sharpen your features hence it is important to do the makeup right with the help of the brow brush. Purchase this brush at only 26 dollars to get the desired results.

Camouflage Brush: As the name indicates this brush is perfect for doing the makeup camouflaging. You can purchase this for only 36 Dollars

Chisel Shader Brush and deluxe shared brush: these products are available for 50 and 54 dollars only. The pigmentation of the makeup products are perfectly expressed with these two brushes.

Detail Brush: It is imperative to do the detailing of the makeup correctly and for this reason, you can consider buying the Jane Iredale’s details brush with 26 dollars to get the perfect look

The eyes brush- Eye Shader Brush( 29 Dollars), Eyeliner/ Brow Brush: 27 Dollars, Eye contour Brush: 29 Dollars. Crease Brush- 38 Dollars: the eye brushes produce mesmerizing results. The colour of the eyeshadow can be enhanced by the proper use of the eye shader and crease brush. The overall beauty of your eyes can be ameliorated by the correct application of makeup using the brush

Large Shader Brush: The large and flat head large shader brush is available for 80 dollars and gives a quick coverage for cream-based makeup products

The Retractable Handi Brush: This brush can be purchased for 101 dollars and is very useful to give up a quick touch up. This should be applied in the face in circular motions to get the p; perfect make up coverage

Retractable Lip Brush: This brush is available for 38 Dollars and is useful for high precision lip makeup

Contour Brush and sculpting Brush: Get the contour brush for 65 Dollar and purchase the wide-angled head brushes for 62 dollars to sculpt and contour your cheeks.

It is essential to clean the brushes properly post usage. For cleaning the Jane Iredele brushes you can consider purchasing botanical brush cleaner for only 42 dollars to effectively clean all the makeup residues from the brushes.


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