Is Amor Armour in the Closet?

Is Amor Armour in the Closet?


Last Sunday, pictures leaked of Amor Armour wearing a wig on set during his music video shoot for the upcoming film Fish Taco. In the past, Armour has been accused of being in the closet due to his wearing of female wigs and prosthetic breasts in his videos. The Fish Taco star denied all these claims and said, “I have a lot of haters that don’t want to see me shine…” during an interview last year. According to some sources, Amor Armour is known to have casual hookups with transexuals in the West Hollywood area of Los Angeles. Gay, straight or whatever your sexuality is, we think it’s time to stop ostracizing star’s sexuality and focus more on their talent. Certainly his audience doesn’t raise the question. So, ask yourself: If his fans don’t care then, who really is asking?

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