How To Look Sleek At Your Prom

How To Look Sleek At Your Prom

Everybody knows that a teenager’s life can get hectic. Having to balance all of your classes and somehow dividing the rest of your time among homework, family and friends, and hobbies isn’t an easy task. This leaves you to look forward to social events like concerts and of course prom. Whether prom is a big of a deal to you or not, it’s never a bad thing to look as best as you can. Here are some celebrity inspired styles that make anyone look good, whether you’re the shy kind or social butterfly.

A look invented to look amazing with only few features called The Minimalist is great for anyone who doesn’t need to go the extra mile. Do not wear any with ruffles or skirts and stay away from embroidered jewelry for this look. If you have curly or wavy hair this is the perfect time to put it up in a bun or ponytail. Some celebrities who go with this look are Lily Donaldson and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Disco Diva is for people who like their hemline above their knees and a decent amount of sparkles. For people who want to emulate an 80’s feel, a single shoulder pad with high heels and short hair will do the trick. Clothing like Saint Laurent For this type of style can be found at outlets like French Connection and Topshop Rare. If you want a wide array of selection, check out Wright and Charlotte Gainsbourg are two Hollywood celebrities who shine in this style.

The newest generation of children are more accepting when it comes to what gender people are attracted to. For the women who love women, the tomboy look is simple as it is charming. All you have to do is get a suit in your favorite color. Make sure that the jacket is a little bigger than normal and that the end of your pants reach the ankle. This type of cloth can be found in Next and Macy’s. Those who are more feminine can wear a blouse underneath and a more slick hair due. The person who does this best is Aymeline Valade who’s a French model that dominates the industry.

The Boho Babe is a fashion statement perfect for those who like to dress in airy free flowing clothes. If you have darker skin or a tan, that’s just what the look is about. Bright colors like white and yellow are a perfect contrast for the dark skin. You can find the floral dresses and accessories from Rixo or Intropia and use them for your summer wear as well as prom. Famous women who support the look are Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.

These are only some of the most easy looks to pull off and are sure to turn some heads. Some other styles for those who might feel left out are the fairytale princess look for smaller women who love bright dresses, and the rock star for those who are into the all black look.

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