Interview with Indie author of The Transcendent, N.K. Battles


We are sharing our interview with N.K. Battles, indie author of The Transcendent. He is also an Aquarius #TeamAqua, an introvert.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into writing?
N.K. Battles : I would have to say that my children are really what inspired me to take writing seriously. Writing has been a talent of mine for as long as I can remember, as far back as the fourth grade. Though I have a natural love for writing, knowing that my words will forever be with them and readily available when they need them even after I am gone, is what really pushes me to write.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your recently released Novel ?
N.K. Battles : My latest novel, though it was largely a work in progress, is The Transcendent. It is about a young man that is thrown into a world that he was born to be a part of. Though he initially has a problem adjusting to the change, and makes many mistakes, he finds a home away from home as he learns who he is as well as who he was born to be.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received from the release?
N.K. Battles : The response has been positive, overall. It is a wonderful story and is only the first installation, more are on the way.

Pro Media Mag : Who are your target readers. You write keeping in mind any particular people?
N.K. Battles : My target readers are both men and women 17 to 45 but I like to incorporate something for people of all ages and walks of life into my stories.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being an author?
N.K. Battles : The best part of being an author is the feedback from readers. I love to hear about which part of the story they like best or which character they like. My work is my creation so I love to hear that others are enjoying the story or are able to incorporate some part of it in their life.

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
N.K. Battles : My most recent goal is to have the sequel published by Christmas of 2020 as well as two other novels that I am working on at the moment.

Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any new project?
N.K. Battles : Yes. Though I am not quite ready to release the titles and final release date, I am very excited and I know that my readers will love them.

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to follow you online?
N.K. Battles : The best way to follow me would be on Instagram @n.k.battles or twitter @NKBattles.

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