An Exclusive Interview with The Very First Female Freestyle Drifter Yuliana Grasman

An Exclusive Interview with The Very First Female Freestyle Drifter Yuliana Grasman

Yuliana Grasman interview

We are sharing our recent interview with Yuliana Grasman, also known by the name Juliana Grasman or Afra. She is an automobile influencer, and it made a significant impact on the car industry and people who share the love with cars. In her IG stories and IG feeds, she shares a lot of safety driving tips, motivational posts, useful information, exclusive auto reviews of cars or projects people wonʼt find in google, and her over 15th year’s experiences in autosport become the first time the world history as the first female freestyle drifter 4×4. As well Iʼm feature film actress and filmmaker.

Pro Media Mag : Who or what inspired you to get into automobile industry?
Yuliana Grasman : I feel it was always there.I remember myself when I was a child, my very early age I had my favorite toys, among of some there were many small models of branded cars, I used to ride them over the striped carpet imagining it was a track. I used to build a car from whole pillows I ever could find at the house. I am the only one out of all my family who ever had such love and passion about it, so my journey was totally on my own. Once my mom told me that my grandfather used to build and create from scratch and welding car parts for the engine and guns. In my school and uni time I became the first shooter over the city, that one of the first massy success I tasted. When my father took us off-road for making bbq or picnic, on the way he asked once me and my brother if anyone wants to try and learn driving a car, I was the one who waved so much for it. But as a girl I wasnʼt really noticed and paid an attention and all went to my brother mostly as a guy. It did not stop me, made sad or seeded in my mind some hopelessness, opposite each time We were going country side I was asking for it, but in the same time I was feeling kind of shame asking for whatʼs man work, if you understand what I mean. I donʼt like dividing for male of female work but those days, it was not easy to be accepted by society. My father taught me some basic things. I felt how huge interest waking up each time I was only thinking of it. My favorite tv show was Top Gear. Later on most of my friends was a car lovers or racers, my first racing in my 15th and it went so far.

Yuliana Grasman car drifter

Pro Media Mag : How does it feel to be a first female freestyle drifter 4×4?
Yuliana Grasman : I always wanted to do something massive worldwide, I wanted to leave a mark on the earth with my name. Be useful for those who keeps their dreams warm inside their chest or who lost their hope, – to help, to inspire and to motivate, to push, to make them believe that they can achieve anything they want! Being the first female freestyle drifter 4×4 as if I look back what I have been through to be there, it does not sound as loud as the years of hard work I left behind, mistakes, failure and risks I have been taking, the price I paid with my emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual side of life to go through this journey. Holding this title cost me a lot, but worth it.

Yuliana Grasman

Pro Media Mag : What attracts you more, working as influencer, drifting, acting or anything else? Yuliana Grasman : I love being influencer as much as I love to do stunt! Acting is the other part of my life Iʼm standing up.


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Pro Media Mag : What’s the best part of being a drifter and automobile influencer?
Yuliana Grasman : Here I am so myself as more as Iʼm on this track I feel alive, connected. I am obsessed with improvements, here I always find a lot of knowledge to gain and lot of skill to maintain.

Yuliana Grasman free style drifter

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response you have received so far?
Yuliana Grasman : I have a massive range of followers from kids to very adults. Kids who are growing with the passion, the youngest who already know driving safety tips 5 years old girl. I am receiving a lot of gratitude letters from people, parents of thanking me for the impact I do on their kids or form teens who are sending thankful letters as well that it is becoming easier to communicate with their parents about autosport by referring to me. I have a strong reputation and trust form people I am proud of! I returned many people to autosport after a big accident as I do share psychology auto tips as well.
Every event, people are waiting for me to visit or attend. And Iʼm planning to do more great things and share tips — my mission to stand the world for safety and win their right for autosport.

Pro Media Mag : You are a film actress as well, can you share some acting related experience with our readers?
Yuliana Grasman : I have been acting in the latest movie with Jackie Chan, I was acting with Sharukh khan in movie Zero, and in movie with Salman Khan, Emirati movie Unbeatable fighter and other many short films.

Yuliana Grasman drifter interview

Pro Media Mag : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Yuliana Grasman : Certainly, I always setting goals, I excited to conquer the new tops. This is my first time when Iʼm going to try myself in pro drifting it is totally different from being a stunt driver. And I want to taste it. It is in my plans to build a new project.

Yuliana Grasman first female drifter

Pro Media Mag : Are you working on any new project?
Yuliana Grasman : Iʼm launching my own channel “Afra Drift”. I will be posting a lot of informative videos on my IGTV and YouTube. Videos wonʼt be only about drifting itself, people will be able to find a lot of useful information, daily tips, secrets, hints, shows, my daily life vlog, exclusives interviews, and crazy car projects they wonʼt be able to find anywhere else.

Yuliana Grasman drifter

Pro Media Mag : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Yuliana Grasman :

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