I’ve had the privilege of interviewing a man with a significant and interesting past. From leaving behind a successful veterinarian career to pursue his dreams.
Dr. Denny Hamann has now worked towards providing opportunities for the LGBT community to share his personal experiences as well as bring awareness to HIV / AIDS through his stories, music, and plays.

Dr. Denny Hamann began his journey by giving up all he had in order to discover all he could be. He bought a converted Greyhound tour bus from a rock band and headed west to discover who lived inside of him and who he wanted to be when he grew up. He named his bus “Pegasus”. the winged steed of Mercury. Only ridden by the god himself, or wanna’ be poets like himself. “Pegasus” became his magical steed, transforming his life from all he had known, to carry him to all that he could be. His journey has been all about listening to the quiet voice within to discover himself. Learning to trust and believe in the goodness of the Universe has been the ultimate lesson for him. The stars that guided ships in the night became the light that guided his path on his inner journey into self-discovery.

Denny spends his summers in Guerneville, California, and winters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
His titles are composed of veterinarian, philosopher, composer, writer, and musician.
Some of his most important work includes a new musical entitled, The Dream Catcher. This is the story of an 8-year-old boy living with HIV in a world that tells him he has no future or dreams to live. It is a very moving, inspiring story of the importance of living your dream, no matter what your age or physical condition in life. For life is a dream to be lived – a journey into faith, hope, and courage. It is “ a musical about the courage to live your dreams in a world that says you cannot.” – Denny Hamann

The play A Tribute to the Memory of You is a musical about a gay man and his struggle to be true to himself. This play shines a light on the struggles that many in the LGBT community face. Being one’s authentic self is a life-long process and plays like this one foster the opportunity to provide encouragement to others facing the same hardships. The works of Denny exemplify an untouched path of literature that should be illuminated among this diverse and multifaceted community. Supporting the LGBTQ community is important because it ensures that its members have an equal opportunity to succeed and that the challenges faced by those in the community are addressed. By Denny addressing challenges faced by the LGBT community in his literature, it is creating a more understanding environment for all in the community. This much-needed literature on this topic is fundamental to bridging the gaps because just one voice speaking up can start a revolution.

Dear Faggot is a phenomenal work in progress. This play is a must see and it entails the emotional conflict that comes along with coming out of the closet. The main character, Danny was invited to the White House to have supper with the President for saving his life. Danny’s father found out that he was gay through the televised event that made Danny a hero. This touching play will have you uplifted and feeling empowered afterward. Many hearts will be touched through the messages unveiled in this play. Speaking to the LGBT community through these plays are platforms for change. By exhibiting real experiences that are encountered by many in the LGBT community, it affords the opportunity for the world to see what many of these people go through. Change is made by awareness and Denny’s plays serve as the platform to bring about that change.

The literature that Denny has put out is intended to be empowering to the LGBT community. He is an advocate for HIV/AIDs awareness. To serve the community he also speaks at events about his experiences and challenges. The goal of his work is for it to develop a life of its own and impact the lives of readers and listeners. His musicals were staged 42 times in various theaters and there are hopes to see many more soon. The impact that these plays and stories have had on people is astounding and the reviews are awesome. The works of art provided by Denny are touching hearts everywhere. Advocating for the LGBT community is important for the vision of justice and equity for everyone. We need writers like Denny that are not afraid to step out on the unbeaten path and advocate for values and add voices to our conversations concerning LGBT affirming policies, restorative justice principles, and inclusion. These works are helping enhance the lives of many. To be the change for future generations the art has to be seen and heard.

Learn more about his LGBTQ / Gay literature and scripts by visiting
Play Scripts are also available for download.

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