Green Juice Superfood Powder – Helping You Choose Right

Green Juice Superfood Powder? What’s This?

We all know that we need to take greens as they are very essential to our continued health and wellbeing. The sad truth is however that we do not always have the time to take these essential foods. Even when we do attempt to take them, we do not take them in enough quantities.

As a way of remedying this, some health food producers came up with a way of processing these much needed greens and superfoods into concentrated powders. All you need to do is take a few spoons, add them into a glass of water and when you drink it, your body will receive some much needed nutrients. Get some more info on this here.

Note that these green juice superfood powders are not meant to replace a good diet. They are only meant to supplement your diet.

A Guide to Choosing Green Juice Superfood Powders

So how do you go about choosing the product that is right for you from the many products that are currently available around us?

There are a few key points you can look out for but we will focus on just three of these.

Ingredients – You want to choose a product that contains ingredients from three main groups – grasses, green vegetables and sea vegetables and algae. You get a better nutritional balance if ingredients are not simply picked from just one group but from all three.

Juice Extract vs Vegetable Powder – These powders are made in two ways. The vegetables are either frozen then powderized or they are first juiced, frozen and then powderized. The ones that are first juiced contain more of the nutrients and should therefore be your first choice.

Sweeteners – Everyone knows that these drinks can taste awful. To help mask this taste, some manufacturers add some form of sweeteners. A lot of the ingredients used for this purpose are not too healthy. You should therefore avoid products with any form of sweeteners.

A Few of Our Recommended Products

Truth be told, even with the brief guide we shared with you above, it’s still very likely that you will find the whole process of choosing the Green Juice product that is right for you a little confusing. With the long list of ingredients to consider, the concentration of the powder and content per serving among other things, one could easily get lost while searching.

To make things easier for you, we have taken the liberty of putting together a short list of Green Juice Superfood Powders that we can confidently recommend to you. With these recommendations, you do not have to spend unnecessary time searching through dozens (or more) of products to choose a suitable one.

Let’s get started:

AMRAP Nutrition Supergreens Powder

This is a product that was put together to boost energy and vitality while enhancing the breakdown of protein and effective absorption of nutrients. It contains about 11 green superfoods that were flash-dried. Some of these include wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella. This product is ideal for those whose diets that are high in protein. Since having a lot of protein in the body can raise its acidic level, the alkaline properties of this product helps balance the pH levels of the body.

It can also be used to detoxify the body and also enhance its immunity.

This product is made without sweeteners, flavors, colors or filler. You also get a 90-day money back guarantee with your purchase.

Amazing Grass Green Powder

If you are looking for a product that meets kosher, vegan and non-GMO standards, then this here is one to consider. The ingredients of this product were all organically grown, using eco-friendly farming techniques.

A look at the ingredients included in this product will probably explain why it is bit more expensive than others. There’s quite a long list of all-natural ingredients including: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spiriluna, spinach,chlorella, broccoli, pure acai from Sambazon, maca, carrot, and beet. All of these products are organic. There are also a lot of others not listed as organic and some of these include, pineapple, rose hips, raspberry, green tea, apple pectin fiber and many more.

Another good thing about this product is that you can get it in different flavors.

Green Foods Green Magma

This product is from a brand that has built a reputation for quality products in the industry over the last 4 decades. This is a very nutritious product that does not contain any filler, sweeteners, animal by-products, yeast, wheat or GMOs. The ingredients used are fully organic.

Top among this is the organic barley grass juice. This particular ingredient helps maintain the alkalinity balance of the body.

In its description, it is listed as containing all the superfood grasses. However, despite this description this product may not offer as much nutritional value as some other products will.

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily

This is one product that promises numerous benefits to the body. Despite its long list of ingredients (includes over 75), it is dairy and gluten free and is also keto, vegan and paleo friendly.

It is designed to address five key health areas. These include the digestive system, the nervous and immune system, hormone and neural support, blood sugar level management and the provision of antioxidants and superfood. It is touted to offer an equivalent of 12 servings of vegetables and fruits.

Organifi Green Juice

This company is so sure of its product that it offers a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it. This is a product that is prepared with some highly nutritious and healthy ingredients. Some of these include: Chlorella (a protein-rich green algae which also contains polyunsaturated fats), Moringa (a great source of amino acids necessary for improved cellular health), Spirulina (rich in iron, calcium and protein), mint (great for sleep, the digestive system and even tooth cleaning), Matcha green tea (great for stress management, hormone regulation and appetite suppressant. It also contains a good supply of antioxidants), Beets (contains folates and manganese which help in detoxifying the body), and Wheatgrass (contains vitamins and antioxidants, reduces inflammation and helps manage sugar levels).

Others include: turmeric, ashwagandha, lemon, and coconut water. This product guarantees fast results.

The products listed above were taken from our top 10 list and represent some of the best. It’s highly unlikely that you won’t find one that will suit your needs from this list.


Remember! Your first and ideal source for all the nutrients you need should be from your diet. Try to improve your diet on a daily basis. As you do this, you can then use any of these superfood powders to simply augment any areas where there may be some deficiency.

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