Inspiring handmade jewelry and gifts by Sitara Collection

Inspiring handmade jewelry and gifts by Sitara Collection

Are you a big fan of trying on different kind of jewelry? In that case I would suggest you to checkout handmade jewelry. As each and every piece in handmade jewelry has its own uniqueness and look. Recently I came across an extraordinary collection of handmade jewelry by Sitara Collection.  Unique, stylish, glamorous and versatile handmade jewelry. Each and every jewelry item is taken care of.

You can  shop their collection of artisan handcrafted jewelry, including rough gemstone earrings, sterling silver earrings and necklaces, rings, bracelets, and handmade leather journals, toy coin banks and more. Going through their jewelry and gift items I tried to take out a few to recommend here to my readers but I was unable to decide. Each and every item in this artisan handmade jewelry catches your attention, its hard to pick one.  But to give you an example of their collection I have taken out a few to feature here with my blog.

Apart from being a nice collection of attractive and artistic jewelry there is something even more special about Sitara Collection. From creation of this jewelry to the selling there is a noble cause involved. All their jewelry items are handcrafted, using traditional techniques, dyes and natural products. These artisans are paid fairly (more than what they are normally paid by others) in that way they are getting regular work and handsome amount for their effort.

And on the next step Sitara Collection is using a good amount of their earnings in helping children succeed. Means if you buy any product you are not only buying something cool for your jewelry collection but also helping a good cause. Not only those artisan will get fair amount for their work but also it will help and support children in rural areas to get successful though proper education.

So lets support a good cause by buying jewelry from Sitara Collection.



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