Inspired By Elle – Where Art Meets Fashion

Inspired By Elle – Where Art Meets Fashion


As my readers know I am a big fan of trying different styles, fashion brands and accessories. The best way to find new ideas is definitely through online search. This is exactly what I did last week and was lucky enough to discover the website. I love creativity and this site has creativity at its peak. I was really impressed with their unique ideas in fashion and art. It is a new business, so no doubt their product ranges will grow, however the current products are versatile enough that you don’t need to look any further.

They have art prints (giclée prints), beautiful greeting cards, a book “ Portfolio of Elle Smith, Artist & Poet” and in fashion they have some silk bolero scarves. Although this is not a huge list of items, all their products are unique, luxury and exclusive; so you will struggle to choose any to leave from your shopping cart.

inspired by elle scarf

I was particularly impressed by the versatile silk bolero scarf, so much so that I ordered it instantly. I would not say it is designed but rather crafted with an intense touch of art. The beauty of this silk bolero scarf is that it can be worn as a bolero or conventional scarf. It will dress up your outfits or casual wear with vibrant colour. It is suitable for any occasion or dress whether trendy or official. Even perfectly suited for wearing on the beach as well. It’s available in two different designs ‘Love Me Back’ and ‘Bird of Paradise’. Both designs are truly lovely with a high quality print. When I received my scarf I cannot describe the joy on my face as I put it on and saw my reflection in mirror. Such smooth silk and it is definitely finished by hand as the perfection is evident in the piece. My friends and colleagues were totally impressed when they saw me wearing the scarf.
You can order on and I would recommend you to checkout their giclée prints as well. They are also high quality prints and the artwork is exceptional.

giclee prints inspired by elle
A Glimpse of Giclée Prints

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